The Baby Gang VLOGS


We are having lots of fun and really enjoy sharing some of what we do on a daily basis through our VLOGS. It’s a great way to share what our life is like with a toddler and triplets in a real-time setting.

I try to capture some of the everyday activities we do, from preparing our meals to feeding everyone, our weekly (sometimes multiple) trips to the grocery store and Costco, to hanging out at home and capturing some of the funny things that go on!

Dan is at work most days, so it is myself, Corrie, and Emily, Jackson, Olivia, Levi and Rosie are mainly in the vlogs, but on his days off and each evening he is there! We are always trying something new, or going out somewhere and we try not to let anything stop us!

Our goal is to show you what life is like with multiple kids, including triplets. We want to show you how we manage and cope with each situation and how we deal with the craziness that comes along with having 4 kids. We are just two people trying to have the best time being parents and have as much fun as possible with Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi.

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We post VLOGS – Semi-Weekly and Daily vlogs when we have something special that day!