What Will Your Imagination Build?

What do you look for in a toy?

Does it need to be educational for your child, or simply a toy in which they can enjoy? 

Lately I’ve found myself really trying to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to toys for our kids and with so many out there to choose from, I think it’s necessary to do so. I love toys that provide an educational or learning component, but I also know that Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi love toys that are just fun to play with. To find a toy that is not only fun and enjoyable for your kids to play with, but that also teaches them or has that educational component, is every parent’s dream and I think it’s safe to say we found a toy that does!


We are so excited to share and review with you, the Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders Design System. After having the kids test it out and play with the sets, we know this is a great toy that all of you will love and would make a great addition to your children’s toy collection! We of course want to say thank you to Fisher-Price® for sending us the sets and for sponsoring this blog post.


The Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders Design System is an interactive line of toys that lets kids build and design a variety of different layouts. They can recreate the specific design displayed on the box with the help of the Builder’s Guide book, or get creative and create a brand new layout of their own. Each system consists of 25+ mix and match play pieces that are reconfigurable to build both tracks and buildings, which means there are endless possibilities as to what your child can design!

The Wonder Builders Design System promotes the development of children’s fine motor skills, with the building and connecting of pieces, imaginative play, creative thinking and storytelling, when playing with the character pieces, within the layouts they have created.

We were given three Wonder Builders sets and each one has its own fun theme. The first one is the Build Around Town Starter Kit, which has a market type theme and includes a tractor to drive around on the track. The second is the Slide and Ride Schoolyard Set, which is of course a playground theme and includes swings, a slide and a bike and a car to drive around on the track. The third is the Soft Slumber Campground Set, which is a camping theme and includes everything to set up a perfect campsite with various trees, a tent, outhouse, a fire and a jeep.  

The kids decided which ones they wanted to play with and then rotated so they each got a chance to place with each set. They had to do a little trial and error at the beginning when trying to connect the pieces and figure out how each piece works, but after a little practice they were able to create some fun sets. We kept each set separate while playing for the first time just to get familiar with how each set can be designed, but I think it would be so much fun to combine all three sets together and make one big epic layout!

Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi really enjoyed playing with the sets and creating their own little designs. They had a mix of recreating parts of the design shown on the box and designing their own buildings. Then they played with the little characters from the sets and created different stories and having the characters interact with each other. They drove in the vehicles, played at the playground structures Emily built. 

They were so entertained and for the first ten minutes they were completely silent and so focused on building. I love how there is so much freedom and creativity that they can incorporate into their time playing with the Wonder Builders Sets. The recommended age for the sets is preschool aged children or 3+, but I think it’s a great toy for kids even a little older. Olivia, Levi and Jackson are 4 ½ years old and for them I find they are more aligned with the creative, build your own design aspect, where as Emily, really enjoyed following the directions in the Builder’s Guide book, to recreate the design displayed on the box. 


Overall I think the Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders Design System is a great toy for kids. When watching Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi play, both on their own and together, I really saw all the aspects that the Wonder Builders promotes; developing fine motor skills, creative thinking, imaginative play and storytelling. If you are searching for a gift this Christmas and looking for a toy that is both fun and helpful towards your child’s learning, then the Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders Design System is the perfect item to add to your list. 

For more information about the Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders Design Systems you can visit https://www.fisher-price.com/en_CA/brands/wonderbuilders/index.html.

Below is a video to show how the Build Around Town Starter Kit is set up!

You can also watch our video and see all the fun the kids had playing with the sets, by clicking HERE!

If you have any questions, please leave them below and we will answer them!


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