A Simple Hack to Getting Rewarded as a Parent

When we were first time parents, parents entering the newborn stage again after many years, or when seasoned parents with older kids, we are always looking to others for advice, tips and tricks, support and deals when it comes to raising our kids. Sharing amazing mom and dad hacks has become a trend among parents over the last couple of years, and they serve as simple ways to make every parent’s life a little easier.

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of my own mom hacks, and some advice that I have found useful since becoming a mom myself. Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I only work with brands I genuinely love.

I am going to start off with my top two mom hacks, which I should really call parent hacks, because they can benefit both moms and dads!

1. Keep a diaper bag ‘back-up’ in the car at all times

My first mom hack helps with those days we may feel a little scattered or so rushed trying to get out of the door that we forget important items. I cannot tell you how many times Dan and I have left the house with the diaper bag, but forgot to pack the diapers and wipes. You would think that since those are the most important items we would remember them…but somehow it has occasionally slipped our minds.

Diaper bag.jpg

As a back-up when those times happen, I always have extra diaper bag essentials in the van. I also have an extra pair of clothes in the bag for each of the kids too, which was especially handy when they were younger and would spit up a lot and the chances of a diaper explosion were high! I hate to admit it, but having the extra diaper bag in the van has proven beneficial to me more times than I would like to admit!

2. Turn purchases into points

My second mom hack involves turning your diaper purchases into rewards for yourself, with Pampers Rewards. The Pampers Rewards program has been around for approximately 10 years here in Canada and the US. In 2017, the program was relaunched in Canada to make it better and easier for every parent to use.

If you are unfamiliar with Pampers Rewards, it is a loyalty program that rewards you for your Pampers purchases. You simply open the app, scan the Rewards code on the product package, and watch the points rack up! It’s nice to open an app and scan your codes as soon as you get home and you can choose to save up your points or use them right away. It is completely free, and you get 100 points just for signing up. There are so many great rewards to choose from including coupons for diapers, fun educational toys for your kids and one of my favourites, various photo options from Shutterfly to show off your memories!


As parents, you know diapers and wipes are going to be one of the biggest purchases you make, so why not get rewarded for it! The new app is a great tool to have on your phone and it’s available for Android and iPhone. For more information and to check out all the rewards you can visit Pampers Rewards.

Now on to my advice!

I am going to start with some advice that I received from quite a few people when Emily was born and that was to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” It sounds simple enough and something you think every parent would want to do, which is true, but I never listened to it when I had Emily.

Instead, I tried to take advantage of the times Emily would sleep, using those precious moments to get other things done around the house, but I always felt exhausted afterwards. It wasn’t until the triplets were born, that I finally used this advice and made sure to take the time to sleep when the babies were sleeping. It was a little challenging because I had to find a way to have Emily and the triplets nap at the same time, but when it worked out I was sure to use the time to get some sleep myself! If you’re like me, you’ll probably be more attentive and productive with the extra sleep.


My second piece of advice would be to embrace the chaos. Your kids will make messes, get dirty and break things and that’s okay. It will be hard sometimes to do this and I know I have struggled to follow my own advice at times, but there are going to be somethings that are out of your control and it’s not worth it to stress about the little things.


When your kids are little, they don’t care if the house is clean, the laundry is done or the dishes are put away, they just want your attention and your time to play with them! I’ll tell you the best days that I could have are the days I let the little things go, sit on the floor and play with Emily and the triplets!

I hope you enjoyed my mom hacks and advice and find a way to apply them to your life as a parent! Parenting is a tough job, but if we can work together and share our advice, tips, hacks and deals we have found to work, then we can make all of our jobs a little easier!

We would love to hear your parenting hacks and advice, so please share below!


Struggling With Dinner for the Kids? We Got You Covered!

As parents of multiple children, one of the biggest challenges we have is coming up with dinners that we know everyone will enjoy and actually eat.

Dinners have really proven to be a challenge for us as Emily and the triplets go through stages of being picky eaters. It is also now a struggle to get them to sit down and stay seated while they are eating.

I enjoy cooking and I love trying new things, but I sometimes forget that kids aren’t always open to trying new foods. I cannot tell you how many dinners I have made, thinking it will be a hit and everyone will love it, just to have everyone pick it apart and cry (Yes! Crying actual tears!) because they don’t want to eat it!

As much as I want to try making something new for the kids, I know it is better to stick with something simple, not overly complicated and that I know they will like. If I had to pin point one meal, I know will always be a hit and everyone will enjoy, it would be PASTA!

IMG_3450 (2)

If I stop and think way back to when Emily and the triplets started eating solid foods, there was never a time they refused pasta. It was and still is our go to meal for dinner and even lunches!

Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi love pasta and when we have a pasta dish on the table, we know dinner will be eaten, which makes our new partnership that much more exciting!

We are so happy and excited to share with you that we have partnered with Catelli and will be working with them over the next year! We knew it would be such a great fit for us to partner with Catelli because of how much pasta has been a staple in our house over the years!

IMG_3454 (2).jpg

Throughout the year, we will be sharing some of our favourite pasta recipes, information on the many great pasta collections Catelli offers and the variety of pasta out there for you to enjoy! We hope you are excited for our partnership with Catelli and will see just how versatile and simple pasta can be!

Catelli is all about #RealFeelsGood and realizing that how you choose to parent is the right way for you! They want to stop the anxiety and fear that parents have when they feel they are not measuring up to the pressures and standards that seem to be set all around. Catelli wants to encourage everyone to be real and to share their #RealFeelsGood stories because we need to stop comparing ourselves to others and know we are all doing the best we can! In fact, according to a recent poll commissioned by Catelli, being real about parenting on your own terms can feel good: 88% of Ontarians actually feel better when they focus on what works best for their family versus comparing themselves with others.

IMG_3460 (2).jpg

Their messaging resonates with us because it is so easy to look at everyone else around you and feel as though you are not doing a good enough job. In this day and age with social media, you only get a glimpse into someone’s life and everything may not always be how it seems. We think it is important to not compare yourself and your parenting with others because every family and situation is different. As parents of four kids, there are going to be times where we aren’t perfect and we make mistakes, but we will also have the times where we could not be more proud of how well we handled parenting. That’s what real is and #RealFeelsGood!

As we mentioned above, Emily and the triplets love pasta and knowing that gives us an advantage at dinner time! We can plan our meals out for the week and make sure to have pasta dishes for multiple dinners. We can also adjust our level of creativity for each meal and pick out our top recipes.

We love that you can change a pasta recipe so easily, just by adding an extra ingredient, switching the type of pasta you use or the type of sauce you use and even the way you cook the pasta. The possibilities are endless when it comes to being creative with your pasta meals!

Three of our go to pasta dinners include basic spaghetti noodle with a tomato meat sauce, tuna pasta with fusilli noodles mixed with mayo and chicken alfredo pasta with fettuccine noodles. What is so great about all three meals, is that they can be transformed to meet the preferences of your kids. If your kids prefer spaghetti noodles over fusilli noodles, it is so simple to just change the noodle you use.

We know that it can be a challenge feeding kids and we know that every parent wants to provide healthy meals that their kids will eat. We want to show you that dinners don’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen every day creating meals your kids will love. With Catelli pasta, we know that we will be able to share great recipes that you can add to your list of meals for your kids.

We truly are excited to partner with Catelli and to kick off our partnership, Dan and I thought it would be fun to have a little Mom vs Dad cook-off with our special ingredient: Catelli Pasta!

Take a look below and find out whose pasta dish won over Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi!

To learn more about Catelli and their products, as well as their #RealFeelsGood messaging, you can visit www.realfeelsgood.ca. We also want to encourage you to share your real life stories about what works best for you as parents and be sure to use #RealFeelsGood. We will be keeping an eye out and cannot wait to read them all!

Who Changes The Poopy Diapers?

Who changes the poopy diapers?

IMG_4087 (2)

This has been a very common question I have come across over the last few weeks in many of the Facebook parenting groups I am a part of and after reading and following along with quite a few of them, the answers seem to all point out the same thing… everyone DISLIKES changing the poopy diapers! Whether one parent is complaining that the other parent doesn’t change their baby’s diaper, or they mention that they always play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide whose turn it is, the underlying message they are trying to get across is that they don’t like to change diapers.

Dan and I have had our fair share of debates when trying to justify whose turn it is to change the diapers and sometimes they are just random facts about anything we can think of. They have involved going back 2 days prior stating all the times we have changed diapers, how many times each triplet has pooped and even adding in the times we helped Emily in the bathroom. Of course, I should always win since I am home with everyone during the day, but Dan will throw in how he had a long day at work and somehow he manages to squeeze in a win.

It is inevitable that you will have to change many, many dirty diapers over the course of your baby’s diaper wearing ages and it may always be a debate as to whose turn it is to change the poopy one, but with the right attitude and a good diaper by your side, you will make it out, no problem!

IMG_4230 (2)

Today we wanted to share with you our go to choice of diaper, Pampers Baby Dry, and although it won’t be able to change itself when your baby poops, it will keep them up to 3 times drier. We love Pampers and have been working with them (including on this post) since The Baby Gang started back in 2016. We have been using Pampers diapers and wipes from the beginning with Emily and have trusted the brand and its products since before The Baby Gang was created.

If you aren’t familiar with all of Pampers’ diapers, they make Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry,Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Easy-Ups. Our go-to diapers are Pampers Baby Dry.  

There are many reasons why we love them and one of the biggest and newest reasons is the Extra Absorb Channels. Before you could only find the Extra Absorb Channels in the Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers, but Pampers has now added this feature to Baby Dry, making them thinner and distributing wetness evenly – locking it away so babies are even drier than before.

This may seem like a small detail, but The Extra Absorb Channels help to spread the wetness evenly across the diaper, keeping it away from your baby’s bottom. A wet diaper can cause your baby to wake during the night as their skin can sense wetness, but the Extra Absorb Channels, together with the three layers of absorbent material, lock the wetness away, keeping your baby dry and providing up to 12 hours of overnight protection.

To know that Pampers understands the importance of a good night’s sleep for your baby, and the role it plays in their development, shows that they want to create a product with you and your baby in mind. They are always looking for innovative ways to make sure their diapers are designed to meet the needs of babies and parents. Pampers works with pediatricians, dermatologists and parents, when testing their diapers, to make sure they meet all the requirements, standards and needs of babies, which is another reason as to why we love Pampers and working with them.

Another key feature that we love about the Baby Dry diaper is the comfortable fit. It is a soft, thinner diaper, with stretchy sides, allowing your baby to run freely and have the ability to move and play without the bulkiness of thicker diapers. It may seem strange to think that a thinner diaper would provide as much protection as a thick diaper, but it brings us back to the Extra Absorb Channels.

When we were in New York last year, we had the chance to watch a demonstration of the new material in the Extra Absorb Channels and it was amazing to see how absorbent the new material was compared to the previous material. Pampers was able to use less of the new material to absorb more liquid, which is why the Baby Dry diapers are now thinner than before.

I think another important aspect to keep in mind when thinking of diapers is the cost. Whether you have one baby in diapers or 3 at the same time, the cost of diapers will eventually add up. With triplets, we go through a lot of diapers, so we want to make sure our money stretches as far as it can go. Now that Pampers has designed the Baby Dry diapers with the same key feature as the Swaddlers and the Cruisers, the Extra Absorb Channel, you get an added value in the diaper!

IMG_4095 (2)

We still have a while to go before our diaper changing days are over, but knowing that Pampers Baby Dry diapers can provide the quality and value we need in a diaper gives us peace of mind. The debate of who is on diaper duty, especially with the poopy ones, will never end, but we can all agree on the fact that every baby loves a fresh diaper and they don’t care who changes their bum as long as it gets done!

Those are the reasons why we love the Pampers Baby Dry diaper and why they are our first choice. We hope you found all of our reasons helpful when thinking of which diaper you will purchase!

This post is sponsored by Pampers, who you all know we have been partnering with since The Baby Gang started back in 2016. We only work with brands who we have used and loved prior to being contacted, so thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post.



If you are someone like me, then you will know the overwhelming feeling tied in with a number of mixed emotions knowing you have more than one baby on the way. About a month ago through Facebook and Instagram , I briefly shared with you our story of expecting triplets which came with added shock because we were already new parents with our oldest Emily. Let me tell you, having 4 kids all under the age of two at once will HAUNT YOU!

My biggest fear as a parent is failure. I have been through a lot of hardship as a kid experiencing many things no child or person should ever go through. There is a lot of pressure on us as parents and people in today’s world where we must live up to a certain expectation or standard to the status’quo.

As a parent of triplets + 1 ages 4 and under, I wanted to share with you, my fellow dads some great tips that will HOPEFULLY make your life easier. You and your significant other are going to be receiving ALL KINDS of advice from the most experienced parenting vet to the random person in the grocery story people will find away to some how input their expertise.

That being said, this is a great time to introduce my number one tip!

TIP ONE: Take advice!

Listen, you are going to get a lot advice. Some of it will be great and some of it will be way outside of left field. Just remember people have their own experiences and I have always believed that everyone has good intentions when offering their advice. Not everything is going to resonate well with you, but keeping an open mind will allow you to grow as a new parent. It will give you an idea of how others have overcome certain parenting obstacles or reached certain milestones. Keep an open mind and take all of the advice because you are in control on which advice you use. Any advice is always better than no advice.


Being a parent of one child let alone multiple children is not a sole owner operation. It is a joint responsibility! It drives me crazy when I hear stories like “Oh my wife changes all of the dirty diapers” or “my wife does the feeding/burping”. Sure you will have the odd debate about who changed the dirty diaper last so the other person should change the next one, that is all in good fun. But to have a parent dedicated to solely one task, such as the “dirty diaper” is a BIG NO NO! As a dad you will most likely be the first person to meet your child, physically hold your child and interact with your child. While your S/O is on bed rest they are relying on your efficiency to man up and take full control! It does not end at the hospital. Your kids are going to consume your entire life and inconvenience the HELL OUT OF YOU! Work together with your partner, develop a plan, a routine and dive right in! Also, have fun in the process.


This one is simple. Ask or accept help! Find close family or friends who are willing to devote time to you and your family. Your kids will consume you, your kids will inconvenience you, your schedule becomes their schedule. Take advantage of down time, get out with your s/o for a date night. Your family and close friends are their to help you so why not take advantage! Your sanity matters and so does your s/o’s!


Remember, there will be specific tasks that you as a dad will be unable to complete ie: breastfeeding. In the earlier stages feeding can be quite daunting and most of all time consuming. This takes me back to Tip Two: Supporting Your Partner – One of my most memorable experiences was par-taking in their feeding experience. It was the perfect opportunity to connect with ALL of my kids. It was one of the biggest things that made me feel important and needed. My advice is to stalk up on bottles! Whether your kids take breast milk or formula making your s/o feel comfortable is very important. If there is excess amounts of milk, you will most likely store. This is the perfect opportunity for you as a dad to have some milk/formula on hand and ready to use. As they get older, with multiple children it can be more difficult and quite messy when giving them solid foods. One thing I can suggest while feeding is dumping everything  into a bowl and continuously feeding one by one by one ..and repeat until finished. Be involved and help when you can.  THE MOM STUFF IS ALSO THE DAD STUFF!


As a parent and as a man – you are going to lose the ability to just do the things you want  when ever you feel like it. Those after hockey beer nights with the boys will become a little less of a priority or weekend hangouts will be more non existent. I am not saying you will never get to do any thing for yourself or never have fun but becoming a dad, a parent is a completely selfless way of life. Your schedule will no longer be your schedule. Communication is key! Like I said, you will still be able to have time for yourself or with your partner, it is a must. How can you take care of your kids if you are are not looking after yourself (of course having them in mind). However, it needs to be communicated it needs to be planned. Again, circling back to working together.

I am still a new dad and in the very early stages with my experience as a parent of multiple children and let me tell you, the amount of life experience I have gained is HUGE! I have always been inspired by other people in all of the great things they do, and there are some very wonderful parents out there who really set the bar high. Some you will see on social media others are every day people. Being a dad and being a parent unites us all in some way. It is very important we learn, develop and build off of each other.

Please keep an open mind to my tips/advice – I am a very involved parent and will take on any task. I hope in some way you read this and find value to add to your situation.

I would love for you to share the tips you have taken away from my post or share with me the valuable tips you have learned from your own experiences. Share in the comments below!

World Prematurity Day – Our Story

November 17th is a day where many families stop and think about how strong their little ones are. It’s a day filled with endless emotions, from sadness, anger, happiness, relief, heartbreak, joy and all the emotions in between. World Prematurity Day is a day to raise awareness of premature births and to talk about the struggles and challenges that families have to go through with preterm birth.

For many families, its a day to look back and reflect on their journey with their premature babies and also the time they may have spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). They remember and talk about not only the challenges they faced but the accomplishments and milestones their little babies have achieved in order to help other families experiencing the same thing.

As you all know, Jackson, Olivia and Levi are our 2-year-old triplets and they were premature, so World Prematurity Day is a special day for us as well. They were born at 35.3 weeks and weighed 5.6 lbs, 5.1 lbs and 5.3 lbs. I delivered them via c-section, as I developed a condition called pre-eclampsia near the end of my pregnancy. We found out on Friday May 22, 2015 that I had pre-eclampsia and after returning to the hospital for more tests the next day, the doctors told us the safest and best option for the triplets and myself was to deliver them.

I trusted the doctors and knew it was the best decision to deliver them, but the unknown was very scary. We didn’t know how they would be when delivered at 35.3 weeks and we had to prepare for a stay in the NICU. I was at Mount Sinai in Toronto, Ontario and before we could go in to deliver the triplets, we had to wait for room to become available in the NICU. We were also given the option to split up the triplets and have them at 3 separate hospitals in order for them to find space in a NICU. We decided to wait for space to become available at Mount Sinai, because I couldn’t imagine separating them and having to visit hospital to hospital all while trying to recover.

On Monday, May 25th, space became available and it was time to deliver our babies! I remember being very excited and nervous at the same time. What would happen to the triplets? How would their health be when they were born? Would they be able to breathe on their own? How long would they be in the NICU? There were so many questions I had to wait to find out the answers for.

At 7:09pm, 7:12pm and 7:15pm, Jackson, Olivia and Levi were born! I remember seeing their little faces when the nurses brought them over and I was so happy. After checking them over, all 3 were breathing on their own and stable enough for us to bring them right back to our room. They did not need to go to the NICU, which was a complete shock and huge relief for me! From the moment we found out we were expecting triplets, I was anticipating their stay in the NICU and I was even trying to figure out what we would do and where we would stay in Toronto in order to be with them everyday. To hear they would be coming right to the room with us that day and even to this day, is something that I will always know how lucky I am to hear!

Jackson in the hospital, 2 days old!

So many families face the challenges of having premature babies who spend time in the NICU and the fact that we had to wait for space in the NICU before delivering the triplets, shows just how common premature births are. Pampers knows how important the needs of preemie babies are, which is why they have developed a new innovative flat diaper designed with them in mind, the Pampers NICU Flat Diaper. The diaper provides all around absorbency, an absorb away liner to pull wetness way from the baby’s skin, a wetness shield to stop run-off from the pad and premium skin protection with its breathable materials. The flat diaper was designed to provide protection for the delicate skin of premature babies and provide comfort with minimal disturbances, which are so important.

This year for Prematurity Awareness Month, Pampers has partnered with Graham’s Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Jennifer and Nick Hall in memory of their son, providing support to families with preemie babies and will be donating a box of Pampers NICU Flat Diapers to every NICU in the country!

Together they are encouraging everyone to participate this month by sharing your #LittlestFighters story. Your #LittlestFighters story is about the first time you were inspired by your baby’s fighting spirit. Everyone is encouraged to share their story on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter before the end of November and don’t forget to include the #LittlestFighters! For every share, Pampers will donate $5 to Graham’s Foundation (up to $10,000)!

Pampers has always been there as a proud supporter for preemie babies and NICU nurses and continues to develop new innovations to meet their needs. Click here to view the Pampers “Littlest fighters” video that champions the fighting spirit of all preemies!

Premature birth is something that is unexplainable and may always be around. As hard and challenging as it is to go through, it’s days like World prematurity Day and months like Prematurity Awareness Month that are so important for spreading awareness and knowledge of what it is and the challenges that go along with it. My heart goes out to all the parents and families who have experienced premature birth, time in the NICU and being there for their little babies. My heart also goes out to all the little warriors who are fighting as hard as they can to survive and who constantly show everyone how tough they really are.

It is so amazing to see and hear stories of premature babies who are born weeks before their due date, who are so tiny, sometimes weighing less than a pound, fight for their life and go through so many procedures, to beating the odds and living a healthy life! I truly believe babies are so much stronger than we may think and days like World Prematurity Day are here to bring awareness and to also showcase their stories!

We would love to hear your #LittlestFighters stories, so don’t forget to share and use the hashtag #LittlestFighters on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

The triplets coming home from the hospital! It was the scariest drive ever and I told Dan to go no faster than 20km an hour! 

How to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

Are you ready for Daylight Savings Time? Here are some tips for making the time change easier on everyone!

This weekend coming up is Daylight Savings Time (DST), here in North America. That means we are pushing our clocks back an hour and for many that means an extra hour of sleep. In a perfect world, that means an extra hour of sleep for parents too because we all know how much we could use it. As much as we would love for that to happen, many of us will face the challenge of adjusting our kids to the time change. I wanted to share some of my tips, as well as some tips from sleep expert Kylee Sallak, on how to make the adjustment easier for you and your kids.

1. Stick to Your Routine

My first tip would be to stick to your current bed time routine. Children, especially my babies love routine and by following your everyday routine it will help them to understand that it is still bed time.

Although it wasn’t DST, when we were adjusting Emily and the triplets to an earlier bed time, we followed our same bedtime routine and just changed the time of when we started. By sticking to our routine, they recognized that it was still bed time and started to adjust to the new time.

Expert Tip

Along with routine, sleep expert Kylee Sallak has laid out a schedule for both good sleepers and problem sleepers. She suggests starting a week before DST for problem sleepers and pushing their bed time forward by 15 minutes every 2 days. For those who are good sleepers, start on November 5th and push bedtime forward by 30 minutes then wait 3 days and push bedtime forwards by the remaining 30 minutes. I like this approach because you are dividing the time change up gradually rather than an entire hour all at once, which may be a very drastic change for young children and babies.

I think this tip would also work well with adjusting your baby’s sleep schedule anytime of the year. We did something similar with the triplets and Emily every time we changed their bedtime. If you can believe it, they all once had a bedtime of 10pm, I think at one point it was even 11pm, and now they all have a bedtime of 7:30pm, so it can be done!

2. Use the Darkness to your Advantage

My second tip would be to use the darkness to your advantage. This tip is directed more towards your toddlers between the ages of 2 to 3 who are more aware of things and understand bedtime better. Now that it is going to be getting darker sooner, you can associate bedtime with the sun setting.

Emily, who will be 4 in December, has been associating bedtime with darkness for a while now. This past summer was sometimes difficult to get her to bed at 7:30 pm when it was still light outside. She would say to me, “it’s not bedtime yet because it’s still light outside.” With the time change and an earlier sunset, it will be darker outside sooner and I will have an easier time letting her know it is time for bed.

Expert Tip

Kylee Sallak’s first tip is to make sure you have a solid sleep foundation in place for your baby, which includes a dark room, brown noise and an earlier bedtime between 6:30 to 7:30pm. I have found that a dark room really does help with getting everyone to sleep and staying asleep. You can take advantage of the nights that get darker earlier to make your baby’s room dark just the way they like it and hopefully it will help to get them to bed between the 6:30 – 7:30pm timeframe that Kylee suggests.

3. Don’t Stress

My third tip would be to not stress yourself out. Every child and baby is different and may require a different amount of time adjusting. Some may adjust right away and others may need a week, it just depends on the child.

As with any change you make to your baby or child’s schedule, it takes time for them to learn. The same will apply to this DST, so make sure to give yourself the time you and your baby need and to be aware that it may take a full week to sink in.

Expert Tip

If you find that your child or baby is not adjusting easily to the time change, Kylee Sallak recommends seeking help from a local sleep expert. They can offer you advice specifically for your child to help make things easier and to get them back on track.

Bedtime is so important for babies and young children and you always want to make it a relaxing and calm process. Daylight Savings Time and other sleep adjustments don’t  have to be a stressful or scary time and although the adjustment may be harder for some babies and young children, it won’t last. One element of bedtime that shouldn’t be forgotten about is your baby’s comfort. Along with a comfy bed and dark room, a diaper that will keep them dry and last all night is key to a successful night’s sleep.

The Pampers Baby Dry diaper is designed to keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours of overnight protection. With three extra absorb channels, the wetness is distributed evenly across the diaper, reducing the sag of the diaper and keeping your baby dry. The Pampers Baby Dry diaper gives you the relief of knowing that your baby won’t wake up throughout the night because of a wet bum.

I think the most important thing to remember is that no one is the same and you and your partner know your children best. If you find your baby is having a hard time adjusting, don’t be afraid to spend a little more time staying with them and putting them to bed. As long as you stay calm and relaxed, your baby and young children will sleep and sleep with the new time change!

I hope these tips will help you and your baby take on Daylight Savings Time this weekend. To see sleep expert Kylee Sallak’s full list of tips and her schedule for adjusting your baby’s sleep, you can find that here – https://www.pampers.com/en-us/pregnancy/trending-now/article/expert-advice-adjusting-babys-sleep-for-daylight-savings

Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


Top 5 Essential Items For Breastfeeding

Over the last 4 years, I was breastfeeding for almost 3 years. It was a big part of my life for a long time and I am finally sharing some of my insight on it! I am surprised I haven’t shared much about breastfeeding and some of my experiences, but today I am and I hope to share more in the future as well!

I have linked the products I talk about throughout. If you click on the underlined words it will take you to their product page where you can find more information on each item.

Before I share my essential items, I just want to share a little bit of my experience with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding did not come easy for me. It was a very big struggle at the beginning with Emily and it took almost 2 weeks to really get a good grasp on what to do. I was determined to make it work, but it was a lot of work and so very exhausting, both physically and mentally. I cried almost every day from the pain of trying to latch and from feeling so drained emotionally that I wasn’t getting it. Although I wasn’t at the time, I was happy to go through that struggle because it helped me when it was time to start breastfeed the triplets. I knew what to expect those first couple weeks, which allowed me to stay calm and relaxed when getting started with the triplets. I breastfed Emily for 10.5 months and had to stop because of her milk allergy and the triplets I breastfed until 23 months. I did supplement with formula for the first 2-3 weeks until I was able to build up my extra supply of milk and until I knew I was producing enough.

This leads us to my first essential breastfeeding item; FORMULA. It may seem odd to have Formula on an essentials list for breastfeeding, but I think it is important to have it has a back up if things don’t go as planned. Whether you have difficulties at the DSC00089beginning with your newborn latching or waiting for your milk to come in or just want to top up your baby after nursing them, it is good to find a formula that you like and that your baby likes. Don’t ever think that using formula while breastfeeding is a bad thing! I used the Similac Advance Step 1 formula, which is available in powder and ready to use format, with Emily and the triplets at the beginning when I was learning to breastfeed and then again with Emily when I had to switch after finding out she had her milk allergy.

Of course when you use formula you will need BOTTLES, which is my second essential breastfeeding item. When I was pregnant, Dan and I set up our baby registry and just like I read, we added one of each bottle to try out and find the one Emily would like. DSC00165After trying almost every style, we ended up with the Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles. What I found great about the Playtex Baby VentAire Bottles, was the anti-colic bottom vent. It helped to prevent the babies from sucking in air while feeding, which was important for me because I bottle fed them for the first 2 months and I don’t know what I would have done if I had three fussy babies with upset tummies to take care of! Finding a bottle that both you and your baby like is important if you are using formula or pumping and bottle feeding, so you know your baby will actually eat. It also helps to give you a little bit of freedom when someone watches your baby and then allows your partner to participate with feedings too!

My third item is an item I never actually used, but everyday I wished I did and even regret not purchasing; A NURSING BRA. I really don’t know why I didn’t take the time to buy a nursing bra. I think about the convenience and help a nursing bra would have provided while nursing and I think it would have made it so much easier, especially with the triplets. I was recently introduced to the company ThirdLove and their new line of nursing bras. (Pictures below from ThirdLove.com)

They thought of moms when they created the bras, so they are functional, but look great and come in 3 different colors. Along with the easy front closures, the straps also undo to allow the cups to drop down for nursing and pumping. I also have to point out that their bras range in size from A – F (DDD) and they also offer half-sizes. As moms we all know our body changes drastically during pregnancy and after, so I think it is great they offer such a wide variety of sizes. For myself it has been hard to come across a bra that is the right size and still looks great. When the times comes and I need to purchase a nursing bra ThirdLove will be my go to shop!

My fourth item would be for women who love to and want to nurse anywhere and everywhere, but may not feel 100% comfortable doing so. This item is a NURSING COVER. I used mine all the time with the triplets and it was such a life saver. I am all for women who breastfeed without a cover in public and I think it is so great they feel

Picture from Toysrus.ca

comfortable enough to do it. I myself have never been comfortable enough to do that, but I was able to with the nursing cover. I had no idea that nursing covers even existed with Emily. It wasn’t until I went shopping for items for the triplets that I came across nursing covers and I felt like my whole life changed. I used the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover – Nest and purchased it at Babies R Us. With Emily I breastfed for 10.5 months and every time she had to eat, I would have to find a private place to feed her. I would leave all my guests downstairs while I breastfed up in my room, I would sit in a bathroom stall if we were out for dinner and I would hide in the car if we were out shopping. With the triplets it was a whole different story. I used the cover all the time and it allowed me to stay around people while feeding and I felt so much more comfortable in public places.


My fifth and final essential breastfeeding item would be a NURSING PILLOW. While you

Picture from Toysrus.ca

are breastfeeding it can be very strenuous on your back. The pillow helps to lift your baby up to your breast which reduces the strain on your back from bending forward. I also found it helped with all the different positions for breastfeeding and it gives you the support you need to hold your baby. I used the Jolly Jumper Baby Sitter Nursing Cushion. I couldn’t find the exact style I had, but they are all the same! I wouldn’t go anywhere without my pillow and I remember turning around if I forgot it; I used it all the time!


One thing I would suggest, if you have multiples, would be to look into purchasing a

Picture from BedBathandBeyond.com

nursing pillow designed for twins. I used my regular nursing pillow with the triplets and I found it was difficult to keep them in position as they got older and bigger. From what I have seen they look to be larger and have a flat top, which would be very helpful when positioning one baby and then reaching for the second one. There was a couple of times I remember one of the triplets rolling off the pillow onto the couch or bed! Here is one I found called My Brest Friend® Twin & Plus Size Nursing Pillow in Fireworks from BedBath & Beyond, but I’m sure you could find them other places as well. 


As I was writing my fifth item, I realized that there is one item I completely forgot about and had to include! I won’t go into too much detail with this one, as I will save it for a review later, but my bonus essential item is a BREAST PUMP. There are so many out there to choose from, which can make it very difficult and overwhelming, so I think it’s important to read the reviews and listen to what you hear from friends and family and their experiences. This it one of the bigger ticket items I would say to spend the money on, because I really do think you get what you pay for. I know the Medela breast pumps are expensive, but from comparing my experience using it in the hospital, to the one I purchased and had at home, it was a huge difference. I did get good use out of the one I had but I do regret not spending the extra to have the Medela pump at home too.

Well there are my top 5 essential breastfeeding items plus a bonus one! I hope you found all of my items helpful and my thoughts insightful! Breastfeeding it a big job and it comes with a lot of challenges, but if you have the right items to make your experience easier than they will also help to make your experience enjoyable. I know everyone’s experiences and preferences are different, so your top 5 items may change, but I know these items made and would have made my breastfeeding experience enjoyable and do able. There are so many products out there to choose from and I found the biggest thing was to listen and read reviews from others. I hope by sharing my insights and preferences with you ,I can bring some light and answers to something you were unsure of!

If you have any essential items, please share them down below!



I was originally going to share with you a week of lunches for Emily and I started out great for the first day, but it quickly ended Tuesday after Emily and Jackson got sick! I did get a picture of her lunch for Monday so I will share that for proof that I did have good intentions!

Emily’s lunch Monday…Sausage rolls, celery and broccoli, strawberries, watermelon and blackberries, chocolate chip owl cookies and granola balls. FYI she only ate the fruit!

So instead of lunches, I thought I would ask all of you a question…

How do you feel about keeping your kids home from school?

As some of you may already know from my first post about Emily and school, The First Week of School Changed Me, I was originally planning to keep Emily home every Monday and Friday. That then changed after the first week of school because I saw how much fun she was having and I found myself really enjoying the new routine of getting up and out the door for a specific time.

Day 1 - Sept 25
Emily picked some flowers for her teachers on the way to school, I think she was almost slipping when I took this picture, hence her face 🙂

After that first week, I also made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let Emily miss any day of school, unless of course it was necessary, because I would feel bad thinking of what she would be missing out on at school. I also thought that it was important to make sure she went everyday, especially at the beginning so she would become custom to our new routine.

Well this week, Emily missed her first day of school! After school on Monday Emily started crying because of a sore she had on her tongue and I couldn’t make it go away. She then became very tired from crying, maybe a little over tired even, and just needed to sleep. After a long night, with Emily constantly waking up crying, Tuesday morning came around and she seemed to be okay. I asked Emily how she was feeling and she said she felt good and was ready to go to school. While we were getting ready she told me she didn’t feel good again and she didn’t want to go to school.

Day 2 - Sept 26
This was her outfit for school, but instead we posed at the doctor’s office!

I thought about it for the next hour and I went back and forth deciding if I should still send her or not. I really didn’t want Emily to miss school, but at the same time I couldn’t send her if she wasn’t feeling good. I decided she was going to stay home to relax and take the day to feel better.

Around 11:00 am I asked Emily how she was feeling and if she wanted to go to school now. She said she was good and wanted to go to school, so I quickly packed her a lunch. I was so happy she was feeling better and would still make it to school for a half day. As I finished packing her lunch, Emily said she wasn’t feeling good again and that’s when she noticed the blood in her ear. I panicked and then called the doctor to see if I could get her in that afternoon. I knew for sure she wasn’t going to be going to school now.

I couldn’t believe Emily was missing her first day of school only 3 full weeks in!

Day 3 - Sept 27
I couldn’t let such a cute dress go to waste, so Emily wore it the next day as well! (If no one sees you in it, did you actually wear it?!)

It does make me sad to know she missed a day, but I’m glad I did keep her home. If Emily went to school in the morning, it might have been worse with her ear and I probably would have had to go and pick her up.

When it comes to sick days, I do think it is important to keep kids home to let them rest. School is such a busy place with so many activities, I think it would be hard for them to really focus or have fun if they were there while sick. I also think it would be unfair for other students to catch something from another student. This then gets into the hard decision if you are a working parent. What do you do when your child is sick and you have to go into work? It can be a very hard decision to make and a lot of work trying to find someone to watch if you did have to go back to work.

Day 4 - Sept 28
Emily was getting bored, so she fell back on purpose! Note: I will have to take a picture inside of her outfits when the cold weather come, so you can actually see it!

Then there are the fun days where you may be going somewhere and decide to take your kids with you too. For myself, every yea, with my mom and sisters, we take a shopping trip to the Toronto Eaton Center at the beginning of December to start our Christmas shopping. It’s a full day event and this year if I do go, Emily may have to miss a day of school. I still haven’t made the decision if I would go this year because, again, I don’t want Emily to miss school, but at the same time its a little family tradition we have. Luckily, I still have a couple of months to decide!

What are your thoughts on fun days during the week with your kids?

Day 5 - Sept 29
Friday was a rainy day in the morning, which meant Emily got to wear her new rain boots to jump in muddy puddles! (Extra points if you can guess where she got that from! Hint: a cartoon family of pigs)

I hope you will share some of your thoughts on keeping your kids home! Here are a few more questions to consider as well:

Does it depend on the age of your child or the grade they are in?

Did your thoughts changed when your kids started going to school?

Leave your comments down below!




If you would like to see how our week went, check out our week long vlog over on The Baby Gang YouTubeStarting Something New


Well, we finished the first full week of Junior Kindergarten for Emily and we survived! We are now into the second week and I hope it is just as exciting and fun for Emily as the first week was. Sidenote: The first week of school for us was only 2 days, so our first FULL week of school would be everyone’s second week of school!

Here I was thinking this week was going to be so hard for me, I was going to miss Emily and she wouldn’t make it the whole week, but I was completely wrong. The week went by pretty fast and it was a good change from our regular daily routine. Emily did cry for the first three days, but Thursday and Friday she went into school with the biggest smile on her face.

The first week has completely changed my plans and my idea of what school would be like for Emily. At one point I was even considering keeping Emily home for the year of JK and she would then start a year later in SK. Here in Canada (from what I have read) junior and senior kindergarten are not mandatory, so kids technically don’t have to go, but are required to be in grade 1 by the age of 6. As much as I would have loved to have Emily home with me for another year, I wanted to make sure she experienced everything she could and wouldn’t miss out on that extra year of meeting new friends, socializing and learning in a new environment. I thought if she waited until SK to start school, chances are most of the kids in her class moved up from JK and had a whole year to make new friends. I didn’t want her to be going in to SK not knowing anyone while all the of the other children did.

Day 1 -Sept 6
Emily Sept 5th, 2017 – First Full Day of Junior Kindergarten

My original plan, after we determined Emily would start school in JK, was to keep her home Monday’s and Fridays. I thought the full week of school would be too much for her and since most of the learning is play based, it wouldn’t make a difference if she was in school or not for those days.

Boy was I wrong! And after this first week of school, it is safe to say, I don’t want Emily to miss a single day of school!

Emily has had the best week ever and even in that short amount of time, I feel like she has already learned so much! I look forward to taking her to school each day just so I can hear all about the fun she had that day and what they did. She has already made friends, even a best friend! She can say both of her teachers names and she has to give them a hug goodbye at the end of the day!

Day 3 - Sept 11
Emily starting her first full week of school! She wanted to share some of her favorite things!

It truly makes me so happy to have her in school and to know she is having such a great time when she is there. It was a little hard when she would say she wanted to stay with me and go home when it was time to line up for school, but I knew how much fun she would have during the day that I couldn’t let her leave with me. Emily would have little tears in her eyes and a sad face, but I knew they were just fake tears and her hesitation was from everything still being so new for her. As soon as one of her teachers mentioned an activity they would be doing that day, her face lit up and suddenly her tears turned into a laugh and she was ready to go in!

I have to give so much credit to Emily’s teachers and all of the teachers out there! They are really the ones who have made school so much fun for Emily and also for Dan and I. The first few days were hard for a few kids and they were always there to hold their hand and comfort them when going in to school. Emily gets so excited to see them in the morning and if she is wearing a pretty dress she tells me that she is going to show her teachers, which I think is the cutest thing ever!

Day 4 - Sept 12
Emily was a little sad on Tuesday. I had to capture her sad face because it is part of reality. 

Emily’s teachers are also using an online app which allows them to send us messages and pictures of Emily during the day and the various activities they do during the day. I had no idea apps like this were used in schools. I think it is such a great tool to have and as her teachers pointed out, it allows the parents to make a connection from school to home with their kids. If I asked Emily what she did at school, there’s a chance she wouldn’t remember, but if I am sent a picture of her playing with play-doh or drawing a picture, I can ask her questions about it and even show her the picture to spark her memory.

I have to admit that every time we were sent a picture, I just looked at it with the biggest smile on my face. At one point I think I almost cried happy tears because I was just so happy to see her having so much fun and just seeing Emily out there on her own made me realize how much she has grown. The app has helped a lot with the start of school and knowing that things are going well!

Day 5 - Sept 13
Emily was so excited to show her pretty dress! This was also taken before the tears when we got to school.

I know it has only been the first week, but this week has been such a great experience and I am so happy with how things are going so far. I was prepared to keep Emily home every Monday and Friday, but now I would feel so bad keeping her home and having her miss out on a full day of fun. I know that what she is doing at school is far more than what I could provide her here at home, so I am happy she is going to school everyday!

Day 6 - Sept 14
Emily loved her flower dress on Thursday! It was her first day of no tears before school!
Day 7 -Sept 15
This is actually Aunty Gaga’s dress from when she was a little girl. Emily was all smiles finishing off her first full week of school!

I am going to keep a little update each week of how school is going. My goal is to get the blog post up every Monday with a little recap of the week and how it went. I’ll share a variety of updates, from how Emily is doing, what I am doing to make things easier and anything else I think would be fun to share. I’ll also share Emily’s outfits from the entire week!

I hope you will check back every Monday! If you would like to be notified when a new blog post is up, be sure to sign up with your email! You can find the sign up in the right hand column of this page.

I hope everyone had a great first and second week of school!

Is This Actually Happening…I Don’t Think I am Ready!

I find myself thinking about all the times I’ve heard the advice of “enjoy this time now because it won’t last or it will go by way too fast.” I always thought “Yea okay, I have lots of time,” but now I realize that time really does go by way to fast!

I cannot believe the is finally here…Emily’s first day of school!

I knew this day was coming and I am filled with so many different emotions and thoughts. I am happy, excited, sad, nervous, scared and even a little overwhelmed. I think about Emily and how will she adjust to a full day of school, will she make friends easily and will the other kids like her, what if something happens and I’m not there or will she remember to wash her hands? There are just so many things to think about when your first baby starts school.

A part of me is still in denial that her big day is finally here and in some ways it still doesn’t feel real. I don’t know why I feel so emotional about this day because everyone goes through it themselves and then again with their kids, but it just happens. I find myself thinking about all the times I’ve heard the advice of “enjoy this time now because it won’t last or it will go by way too fast.” I always thought “Yea okay, I have lots of time,” but now I realize that time really does go by way to fast!

I have been home with Emily from the time she was born. When my maternity leave was over, I worked at night so I could stay home with her during the day and of course to avoid the costs of daycare. I pretty much don’t know remember what life was like without Emily, so to think about her being at school for an entire day is a very weird feeling. Emily is seriously like my little best friend and in a way she is my comfort blanket and to not have her there with me during the day will definitely be tough for the first little bit.


I feel like starting school is such a big deal because essentially your little one now has to gain their independence and won’t have you there to help them or do things for them. I know they have their teachers and teacher assistance, but with a class room of 20-30 children, they don’t have that one to one ratio. I know Emily will love school and it will be something so fun and new for her to experience, but to me it feels like she had to grow up overnight.

I also find myself thinking of the fact that I now have to be somewhere everyday. For the last 4 years I was at home and had no schedule, nowhere to be and could decide that day what I was going to do. Yes I had my routine I would follow with the kids, but never a set time that I had to get up, get ready and be out the door. Now I have to get up and make sure Emily gets to school on time, that I have her lunch and anything else she needs ready and most importantly, that I am there everyday to pick her up from school.

When your kids start school, it really is a life changing event. There is so much involved outside of school and in school and we have just started the 13 year journey with Emily!

As much as I am nervous and worried, I am truly excited and happy for Emily. She is such an amazing little girl and brings so much joy and happiness to everyone’s lives, so I am excited for her to experience school. I know junior kindergarten is more play-based learning than anything, but as many other kids who have been home with their parents, Emily is going to learn so much more. From learning to play with other kids her age, communicating with them and following instructions and rules from her teacher, there is so much more for her to learn then what she has learned or experienced from being at home with myself and the triplets.

I know it will take some adjusting to with not having Emily here during the day, but I hope she has a blast at school and is able to really gain her own independence. I think the biggest thing that will amaze me, is to see how much she grows over the next year, even within the first few weeks of school. I hope she will always remain our sweet little loving girl, who is so bright and caring and just loves life and everyone she meets!

We love you Emily and we cannot wait to watch you learn and grow during your first year of school!

Photo 2017-09-04, 2 18 28 PM