Parents, Stay Connected Where Ever You Go!

When it comes to being a parent, technology for “most part” is such an incredible thing. Often times we are always looking for ways to stay connected to our babies even when they are not there with us or if we are not there with them. Have you ever thought about a list of must have baby items when expecting? Has baby monitor made the list? If yes – Amazing! You are on the right path. If no – you should rethink your baby item needs.

There are so many options when it comes to technology and your baby but the truth is staying connected has never been easier. Myself and Corrie have had the pleasure of reviewing the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor and let me tell you, as parents of 4 small WILD and very active children this is one all-inclusive monitor that will exceed all expectations.

When we were expecting our first baby, Emily, we honestly never thought of a video monitor and only really had knowledge of the audio monitors but through our initial experiences and learning from other parents we always thought a video monitor was such an incredible thing to see as if it were invented yesterday! We also always felt as if we were missing out on what Emily was doing because we could never see her or really connect with the way she was moving when we were not around, specific to bed time. When the triplets came it was an entire new ball game and we were bound to step our baby game up!

With 4 small toddlers who everyday are becoming more independent and self-sufficient the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor has been a great device to help us stay connected with our kids growing with them and to their development.  Let’s face it, as parents we lack sleep and oftentimes our kids get up really early (before daylight early) to start their day. With easy portable functionality, the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor has been so easy to help us keep an eye on the kids while they go downstairs to play with some toys or turn on the TV to watch cartoons, giving us as parents that extra 10 mins to lay in bed unnamed (1)and give our mind sometime to process that we are up extra early. In a situation like this, we have an entire birds eye view with a 130-degree super wide angle and can literally see everything. The monitor also features a 720p HD video that captures 30 frames per-second, which means crystal clear image and excellent video quality. To add, the best part of staying connected is of course the two-way talk back feature allowing me to see and hear what the kids are doing, while giving us the opportunity to have a conversation from any room of the house. Sometimes we have to settle a dispute between the kids this way without yelling as loud as we can from other rooms of the house. It is also such a key way to keep connected with your little one while they sleep and wake up throughout the night. With its ultra-clear night vision, you can see what your child is doing and mend them back to sleep through the sound of your voice.

The Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor has an abundance of incredible and unique features – so many in fact that it would take an entire blog post just to showcase its quality. With it’s safe, secure data encryption and encrypted cloud storage you can always expect to have peace of mind connectivity between you and your little one(s). Additionally it comes with a one of a kind smart audio unit that lets you keep a constant ear on your little one by alerting you to both sound and motion. On the go or at home you can ensure you are always connected to your kids. With the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor you can See more, Hear more and Worry Less.

Have you changed your must have baby items list now?

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*Thank you to Safety 1st for sponsoring this post – All thoughts of this review are genuine and my own. 

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