Always On The Go This Summer

As most of you may know we just finished our road trip across Canada from Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. It may not have been across the entire country, but we did DSC03436drive through four provinces, with four kids and that is a big adventure! Now that we are here, we are so excited and we have so much planned over the next three weeks.
I have been planning all of the different places we can go and activities we can do, plus my sister has been finding and creating her own list of places for us to visit as well. It’s going to be a very fun trip here in Alberta, but as you can imagine very busy! Three weeks may seem like a long time, but when we have so much planned, I know we will be non-stop every day.

Some of our plans include visiting Banff National Park, Lake Louise, The Canadian Badlands and of course the Dinosaur Discovery Park. Emily and the triplets have been fascinated with dinosaurs lately, so I know they will be in awe when they see the fossils at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

We will be spending a lot of time outside and in the sun, whether it’s hiking, swimming or even a picnic, so it’s important that I make sure everyone is protected from the sun. Along with light weight and loose clothing, plus a hat and sunglasses, I use the Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Kids Sunscreen Lotion for Emily and the triplets. I have been loving the new Simply Protect formula and how easily it is to apply to your skin. When I have four kids that need sunscreen, I want one that goes on quickly and doesn’t leave an oily feel. The Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Kids Sunscreen Lotion does just that while also being water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.


While I have my focus on making sure Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi have their sunscreen on and are well protect, I often times forget about myself. After the kids have their sunscreen lotion on, they are ready to go and are not always willing to sit and wait DSC03528Bfor me. That’s when the Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sport Sunscreen Spray comes in handy! Just like the Simply Protect Kids Sunscreen, the Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray uses the same Simply Protect formula that is made with 25% fewer ingredient, no oxybenzone and no added oils and fragrances. It also provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection, is light weight and water and sweat resistant. When I am running after four kids or even just running around unpacking everything and everyone from the van, a sweat resistant sunscreen is what I need.

Having a spray sunscreen is so useful, especially when you have kids to get ready. It is so convenient and a time saver when you need to apply sunscreen quickly. With the Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sport Sunscreen Spray I can apply sunscreen myself once everyone else is ready and they are not left sitting around waiting because it only takes a couple of minutes to spray the sunscreen on and quickly rub it in.


As parents we know how important it is to be protected from the sun and it can sometimes be difficult to have our kids understand the importance. We are always on top of our kids sun protection and it’s important not to forget about ourselves. The Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sport Sunscreen Spray is so simple to apply and perfect for keeping up with our busy families. I know we will be doing lots of driving from place to place and after sitting for a while in the van, the kids are going to want to get up and go. Using the Simply Protect™ Sport Sunscreen Spray, will save me a lot of time and allow us to start our adventures that much sooner!

We would love to hear some of the fun places you have visited throughout Canada, especially those ones in Alberta that we should check out!

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How We Prepare For Some Fun In The Sun!

The warm weather is here, which means summer is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! It felt like a very long and never-ending winter, so my excitement for the summer is multiplied by 100! I think it’s safe to say that Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi are also very thrilled for the warm weather and the chance to go outside without wearing an extra 10 pounds of winter gear.

During the summer, I love to be outside as much as I can. I feel so much better about everything, I’m in a better mood and I also find I eat better in the summer too. The kids love being outside as well and I find that each summer as they get older, it becomes easier to get them outside. Emily is now four and a half and the triplets just turned three, so they are able to play on their own (with adult supervision outside of course) and are much more independent. Whether it’s playing in our backyard or going to the beach on the weekends, Emily playing outside during recess while at school, or our new favourite activity, playing at the park after picking Emily up, we try to get outside as much as we can and the kids always have a great time.

As much as we love being outside enjoying the sunshine, we have to make sure that we are all protected from the sun before throwing on our shoes and running out the door. Making sure Emily and the triplets are protected from the sun is one of the most important things for me to do and it’s been something I’ve focused on since they were born, especially during the summer months. Their skin is so delicate and fair, that I feel like they could easily burn and when the sun is so strong some days, it doesn’t take long for that to happen.

To keep the kids protected from the sun, I always try to make sure they have their hats to wear, I cannot 100% guarantee they will wear them, but I do try as much as I can and I make sure to apply sunscreen before we head out and then reapply throughout our time outside. Up until this summer, I had been using Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen Lotion and I just switched to the New Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Baby Sunscreen Lotion and the New Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Kids Sunscreen Lotion. I do use both sunscreens now that Emily and the triplets are a little older and will probably continue to use both throughout the summer.

Picture 1.jpg

When we plan to spend the day outside or even a few hours outside, Dan and I like to divide and conquer when getting everyone ready. Our routine is a pretty simple one, but at times can be a little chaotic just because it’s Dan and I versus four kids. The first step is getting everyone dressed and all of their diapers changed and if there are a couple stinky ones, I try to make sure they head over to Dan ;). The next step is the important one and that’s to apply the sunscreen.

I have really been enjoying the Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Baby Lotion for Emily and the triplets. The Simply Protect Baby and Kids Sunscreen Lotions are made with 25% fewer ingredients, including oxybenzone and parabens and contains no added oils or fragrances. The new formula is amazing because it’s mild and gentle enough for your baby and young children’s delicate skin and allows us parents to choose a Banana Boat sunscreen formula that works best for our kids and family!

It can be a challenge, to say the least, when trying to apply sunscreen to the kids, especially when they are so eager to get outside, which means we need a sunscreen lotion that goes on smoothly and quickly. The Simply Protect™ Baby Lotion goes on so smoothly and I love that it doesn’t leave a greasy or oily feel afterwards. It’s that oily feeling that can make it seem like you are spending ages rubbing in the sunscreen, but with the Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Baby Sunscreen Lotion, you don’t experience that. Emily has also found interest in applying her own sunscreen and she also has a bottle at school, which she has to apply on her own, so it’s nice that it’s easy for her to do. The new formula is also tear free and sting free, making it perfect for Emily when she is applying it herself at school!

Picture 2

Once we are sure everyone has their sunscreen on, we put their hats and shoes on and we are then ready to go!

The kids love to spend as much time as possible outside and so do Dan and I. It’s a great way for them to stay active, burn off some energy and it’s much better than spending all day stuck inside. We don’t have air conditioning in our house, so during the summer months it gets really hot inside. An easy and fun way for us to stay cool is to set up our little pool in the backyard and play in the water. It’s so much fun and the kids love it, but staying protected from the sun is so important. When we use Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Baby Sunscreen Lotion, I know we can spend as much time outside enjoying the sun, but still staying protected!

We would love to hear what some of your favourite outdoor activities are and how your routine goes when getting everyone ready!

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Learning Is Fun With Barbie Dreamtopia

As parents we are always trying to find fun ways to teach our kids important life lessons that are entertaining and engaging. When you think of ways to teach your kids those lessons, watching a TV show may not always be your first answer, but what if we told you there was a show that did just that!

Today we are sharing with you a show we were recently introduced to and that is Barbie Dreamtopia! It is a series of mini episodes that take place in a fairytale land called Dreamtopia featuring Barbie and her sister Chelsea. Together they embark on various adventures that are not only fun but demonstrate valuable social and emotional lessons. It is colourful, it is fun, the kids love it and we have been hooked ever since!


One of the episodes that stuck out to us was “Keep On Looking ’til You Find It | Barbie Dreamtopia: The Series | Episode 4.” This episode was all about perseverance and we found it very relatable with Emily and the triplets. Barbie and the Elephant King both lose an important item and Chelsea’s dog Honey goes missing, so together they head out in hopes of finding their missing items and Honey. As their search continues, Chelsea worries that they may not find Honey, but Barbie says they cannot give up and they have to continue searching. They receive some unexpected help from the Glitter Balls, who lead them in the right direction and they are able to find Honey and Barbie and Elephant King’s missing items.

The lesson of perseverance is something I think we can teach Emily and the triplets almost daily. Just like the episode, Emily and the triplets are always losing something. Whether it’s a favourite toy or their sippy cups, someone is always missing something throughout the day. Many times, they simply give up when searching for their missing item or become frustrated that they cannot find it. They then come to Dan and I and want us to find it for them. We try to encourage them to keep looking and tell them it has to be here somewhere, followed by asking them where they last had it, just like Chelsea did when asking the Elephant King where he last wore his crown. As the parent, we pretty much know all the spots where an item could go missing, so we give Emily and the triplets a list of places to look first. About 9 out of 10 times, they end up finding what they were looking for and are so excited when they do.

Perseverance is just one of the many lessons learned from Barbie Dreamtopia and others include patience, team work, inner beauty, and communication. Barbie was such a big part of my childhood and I know it will be the same for our kids. Barbie can also be a very influential character for many kids, so it’s nice to see her influence used to give such valuable lessons and teachable moments.

What’s amazing is that there is also a Learning Through Dreamtopia Activity Guide available for parents to use after each episode. The activity guide provides you with an activity to do with step by step instructions, as well as discussion question. The Dreamtopia activity guide is a great way to interact with your children after an episode and to start a conversation about these lessons. After watching “The Gemonstrator | Barbie Dreamtopia: The Series | Episode 3,” we were excited to try out the activity with Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi. The activity was called “Fun With Fruit” and the lesson was inner beauty.


The instructions for the activity were very clear and easy to follow and the discussion questions were great for relating our activity back to the episode. Emily and the triplets were so excited to see the fruit on the table and they immediately started touching them and asking what they were. I had them try to guess what each fruit was and what they thought the inside would look like. Their reactions when opening up each fruit were priceless and they were all brave enough to try some of the fruit!  Just as Barbie and Chelsea learned that the gems were inside the rocks, Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi learned that the inside of the fruits look very different from what they thought they would from the outside. I really enjoyed doing the activity with the kids and it was a creative way for them to interact with the episode from Barbie Dreamtopia! 


For those of you looking for a series to watch with your kids, we highly recommend Barbie Dreamtopia and all it has to offer. It is a great way for you to bond with your children and who doesn’t love Barbie!?

You can catch the show weekly on Treehouse airing Saturday and Sunday mornings or catch-all the latest episodes on YouTube. Make sure you also visit the “Learning Through Dreamtopia” website for fun activities to do with your kids.. They will love it!

We want to hear from you – Tell us about what you and your kids learned from Dreamtopia in the comments below.

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