Baby Workouts – Part One

It is a funny thing as your kids get older. It amazes me every day to watch them as they develop. The world is this huge place and just about every time you leave the house becomes a new and big adventure. What I find most entertaining is their ability to learn and how they learn. You as a parent are their full time teacher, and they will mimic you in just about everything you do.. It can be very fun and very scary. Emily is my oldest of the baby-gang, this December she will be 2 and it all happened in the blink of an eye. She is my partner in crime and she mimics my wife and I in almost everything we do. I take genuine interest in fitness and enjoy hitting weights and daily workouts. Since the triplets, I have had to focus on my workouts more at home with the kids. One day I was doing leg raises and here comes Emily rushing by my side .. That is when I knew it was time to bust out the camera. The ending is pretty cute too.




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