A healthy meal for your growing toddler

As a healthy eater and fitness enthusiast, I have made it a priority to ensure my kids will follow suit. As they grow, my hopes are for them to keep in mind the types of food they are eating and can hopefully use this knowledge to follow a relatively healthy eating life style. Now I am not a super strict parent who serves brussel sprouts at every meal, though my wife and I do let our toddler enjoy some yummy treats to snack on which is always something to look forward to. That being said, there can be some difficulty to come up with healthy eating meals for your little ones. Especially in a time efficient manner. Our goal over the next little while is to share some knowledge with you on how you can make a fast, efficient and healthy meal for your growing toddler.. And if you like the food then you can join in on the fun as well!

The break down of the meals are simple, I always try to incorporate a protein a vegetable/fruit(fats) and some sort of and grains (but varies depending on what is being served). Dairy is also important but in this post will not be considering it at this time (I usually use it as a beverage).

Including the above mentioned will allow sufficient energy sources, proper growth and development, as well an increase in overall health in general. The benefits are limitless.

Today’s Meal Example:

A simple mix of chicken + brown rice + avocado 

First prepare a cooked chicken breast (the best is a boneless + skinless)

Next, use a knife and dice up the chicken to your preferred size. 


 After this prepare your brown rice (I like to keep my plain, but you can use some butter and salt to add some flavor – as the packaging would say)

For the final step cut open an avocado, scoop it in to a bowl including the chicken and brown rice and mash it all together!

The end result: a healthy bowl of deliciousness that your toddler is for sure to love!

Now in terms of time can vary.. Rice, especially brown rice can take a very long time to cook. The same goes for chicken. Personally I spend usually two days of the week prepping all my meals. I will cook mass amounts of meats, veggies and carbs/grains. It is a very committed process but once you have the routine down it become exceptionally easy and convenient. It also saves me a lot of money, because I do not eat out as often as I once did spending between 10-15 dollars on one meal. Prepping your meals for your kids and yourself keeps you on track and away from scavaging for a quick unhealthy meal. Your other option is to buy prepped ready hot food from your grocery store. How ever, most chicken I find usually have high sodium seasonings and skin on them. In terms of the rice the minute rice should suffice!

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share some of your healthy meal recipes in the comments below!

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