Learning words with DAD… PT. 2

emily puzzle
Emily completing her first puzzle! 🙂

Every night before bed, Emily and I have a little routine where we brush our teeth cozy up and end our night with a little fun. She loves to read and loves to be apart of any video we make so most of the time we will do some videos through snap chat and read a book before we call it a day. I love making videos through snap chat because I basically have an endless supply of video storage (10 seconds at a time) that I can save to my story and compile it into one video that I can chop and edit myself afterwards.. It is a great way to catch a natural fun effect of a video. I always think of words she already knows, or will throw out the odd word just to hear how it sounds. IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER! – Currently my favorite word she uses is Peanut Butter. It amazes me how smart she is and willing to try just by the sound of my voice, she picks things up so fast! Kind of scary in away, ha ha.

Below you will find PART 2 of learning words with dad via our YouTube channel.

Do you have a nightly routine with your child or children? what are some of your favorite things they say or do? Let us know in the comments below!



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