Advice I would give to myself as a new dad #HappyFathersDay

How dad’s stay in shape.

I often think about how time has just passed us by with the kids and us as new parents. We are still new and learning every day, but it seems like yesterday I was holding my first baby for the first time, changing my first diaper, helping with her first feeding. There are so many memorable moments. With one it was very overwhelming; I remember being so nervous handling our daughter Emily. This fragile baby so soft and precious making these little cute noises and cries had my heart RACING! All I thought was; “please do not hurt her”  “Why is her poo so black?” “Am I doing this right?” “Is this as hard as it gets?” “It’s so hot in here.” Question after question and thought after thought judging myself on how I was doing and how would I be able to do it…Could I do it? Luckily we had a great team of medical professionals who worked endlessly by our side to help us transition and educate us on a few things. Not to mention the support from our families and each other as a new parenting duo.

After over four years of parenting and jumping from one child to four, in a matter of 16 months (the birth of our triplets) here is some advice I would give to myself as a new expecting father.

Life is unpredictable and most cases out of our control. As long as we are with the right people we can handle anything. You will never know all the answers, but things will tend to always work out in most cases teaching you a valuable lesson.

Your role as a father is vital to the relationship of you and your children and you need to own it. Every stage; from baby to toddler and beyond, they are always your baby and will always look to you for advice, encouragement and wisdom.

There is no one job for a mom and no one job for a dad… WORK TOGETHER! Build your partner up, motivate and encourage each other.  Develop those core values early. There will always be tough and difficult times but everything always comes down to attitude. One thing I always find are people who tend to ask- how do you it? – Truth is there is no real answer. You just do it. Being a dad and most important being a parent is tough and very difficult. Long nights, long day’s tough lessons.. but the most beautiful and most rewarding thing you can do. So take it in stride and bring your best self to every situation.

Dads, you are special. The role you play as a positive male influence in the lives of your children and family is crucial. Teach your children how to be kind, caring and compassionate. Most important, teach your kids how to be happy.

I commend all of you dads out there for turning your power into love and commitment, to shape and inspire the lives of your children. You are appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day.

Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post to celebrate dads everywhere, and with this sponsorship in mind I would like to disclose all thoughts and experiences are my own.


One thought on “Advice I would give to myself as a new dad #HappyFathersDay

  1. Great post. I remember being a dad early on how scary that was like you said with first feeding and changing diapers which in fact this is going on. For it scared because my daughter was feeding right and was losing weight from the beginning. I let a seed of doubt creep in for a bit. Once the issue was all figured out and I started to bond better. I felt better as a dad. You’re right when say you never do know everything it’s all learning along the way. I must following your adventures on instagram I can tell what a great dad you are. You’re encouragement in the blog was great to read. Happy fathers to you!


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