Jackson, Olivia and Levi Turn 1!

On May 25th our triplets turned 1! It has already been a month since their birthday and I still cannot believe they are 1 already…where did the time go?

It has been a crazy, busy, hectic and fabulous year full of love, smiles, crying, poop and sleepless nights, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Jackson, Olivia and Levi have brought so much happiness to our lives and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. They are so happy and full of laughs and smiles and we just can’t help but notice how stinking cute they are.

To watch them grow, learn and develop over the year has been awesome and to think they started off as three little 5 pound babies amazes me. Each one of them already has their own personality and characteristics and I think it is the coolest thing to see how different triplets can be from one another.

A small example of their differences was when they were each given their cupcake. On their actual birthday we gave them a little banana muffin with yogurt and on their party day we gave them a little cupcake with icing. Each one of them had a different way to eat their cupcake. Olivia picked it up with both hands and just started eating, Levi grabbed it with both hands and just destroyed the cupcake, squishing and breaking it apart in his hands and Jackson wasn’t too sure what to do and took a little time before trying to eat it. He actually waited until we broke it apart for him!

We had their birthday party on the Sunday after, May 29th and it was such a fun day! I was so happy the weather cooperated for us and we were able to have their party outside. It was hot, but we had a little kiddie pool set up for the kids to cool off and play in and a play house to keep them occupied. It was so nice to see all of the little ones running around and playing together. The triplets were exhausted from all the excitement, they fell asleep at their own party.

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We had a BBQ, ate lots of cake and opened amazing gifts and not only are the triplets excited to play with their new gifts, but Emily and I are also super excited. They were given very cool outdoor toys, like a slide and water tables, as well as the most adorable little outfits. They were truly spoiled and we couldn’t thank our family and friends, who made it out to celebrate, enough.

We are looking forward to the next year and continuing to watch the triplets grow. We know things will start to get even more hectic, now that everyone is walking and on the move, but it is a challenge we are glad to take on. Emily has been the best big sister we could have asked her to be and we know she absolutely loves them with all her heart. She is willing to help when needed and has even asked to help with changing their bums and feeding. The triplets absolutely love Emily as well and I always say, to them Emily is the funniest person they know. Emily can make them laugh with just a simple smile and it is the cutest thing in the world to see them laughing and playing together.

We are excited to experience many more first with the triplets and to share those experiences with everyone!

Here is a little video from their party that we put together!

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