Emily; My Little Big Helper!

When the triplets were born, my greatest worry was how Emily would react and the thought of not giving her the attention a child that age needs. Emily was only 17 months when they were born and was still a baby herself. I knew the triplets would need me day and night, but Emily would as well. My goal was to make sure to include her as much as possible and to make her feel just as important as the triplets. I knew it was going to be difficult to divide my attention equally but I was determined to make it work. Little did I know Emily would become my biggest little helper.

She was so excited to meet Jackson, Olivia and Levi and from the very moment she met them she always included all three in everything she did. From saying goodnight to good morning, to giving them their soothers and making them laugh if they were crying, Emily has always been there to help me out. I would never expect Emily to be so willing to help or even know what to do, but she amazes me everyday with what she is capable of.

I am always shocked to see how much Emily learns and what she picks up from watching me. Everyday I am surprised with something new and it is just so much fun watching her learn. Emily has always showed fascination with changing diapers and always asks to help. We are starting off small and when it’s time to change diapers, Emily will grab the wipes, diapers and mat. The other day she wanted to practice her diaper changing skills and thought it would be fun to put diapers on all of her stuffed animals. She must have put diapers on at least 10 stuffed animals and used the mat and everything. I was stunned with how well she did. So much so, I think she is almost ready for the real thing!

When the day comes that Emily can successfully change a real diaper, I will be forever happy and will of course save all the poopy diapers for her 😁

The video below shows the final results of Emily’s diaper changing practice! All her stuffed animals now have a fresh clean diaper on!

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