Sometimes There are Fussy Days VLOG #8

With 4 kids all under the age of 3, there are bound to be days when they fight, cry, whine, scream and are just not happy. You could try everything that comes to your mind and it will seem like nothing you try to do can make them happy or help them.

Yesterday was one of those days. It started off as a great morning, they all woke up happy and were playing nicely together. Then after their morning nap, the triplets woke up in a mood. They were getting frustrated over everything and they weren’t the happy little babies they were before their nap.

I tried everything I could think of; I fed them, changed their bums, gave them water, held them, played with them, put on cartoons, gave them different toys to play with and they still weren’t happy. It went on for a few hours and myself, Emily and the triplets were just getting more frustrated as the time went on.

The easiest thing for me to do, was to pack them in the van and drive around, hoping that they would fall asleep. I use the van as a little time out for them and that way they can sit by themselves in their car seat and just relax. They almost always fall asleep while driving around and I find they tend to sleep a little longer too.

You can check out today’s Vlog #8 and see how everything went. I explain a little more about what it is like when I am home alone on days like these and how it can be frustrating for the triplets when they cannot communicate as easily.



When you are home by yourself and the kids are getting too fussy or cranky, what is your go to plan to help them settle?

Has this plan changed as your kids have gotten older, or do you find it still works?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes There are Fussy Days VLOG #8

  1. Ohh guys i really understand you!! Me triplets have those fussy days too and its really difficult to me to entreintain them… And its so frustrating to me…. We Just have to be patiente…. kisses from Mendoza, Argentina


  2. Long drives in the van are wonderful! Another way to deal with fussiness that is effective is not so tidy. Put a baby pool in the kitchen, fill it half way with warm water and give them every plastic cup,dish,or bowl you can spare. They’ll be enthralled and the worst that can happen is wipe your cabinets down and mop up your floor a few times. This also helps develop those brain cells!


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