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Motherhood by definition is the state of being a mother, but in reality it is much more than that. The definition of motherhood is quite simple and it doesn’t give you any indication of what to expect, what it will be like, how you will feel and everything in between. It’s a simple statement that tells you one thing, you are a mother.

Over time, you develop this image of what motherhood will be like. From the images we see in magazines to what we watch on TV or through characters in movies, we are constantly given this idea of what it will be like when we become mothers. As your friends and family enter into motherhood, you get an even closer glimpse as to what to expect, but still nothing can prepare you when you enter yourself.

To me, motherhood starts the moment you find out you’re pregnant. From that moment on you are constantly thinking about someone else and you are physically changing your body to create this little baby. From that moment your mind begins to race and I know from my experience, I started to think about what I need and how I would plan for our baby. PlaytexBaby has always been there for moms from the beginning and they have really developed a strong understanding of what moms and babies need right from the start. PlaytexBaby is a fun-loving brand who is supportive and celebrates the unexpected, which is why they strive to be there #ForBetterBeginnings. I have trusted PlaytexBaby from the beginning and I am excited to share my view on motherhood what it means to me. Thank you to PlaytexBaby for sponsoring this post!

When I found out I was pregnant with Emily, April 2013, I was scared and excited all at the same time. I had ideas of what to expect and what to look forward to, but it didn’t become real until Emily was born. Being the oldest sibling in my family and having two younger sisters, 12 and 16 years younger than me, I had the experience of changing, feeding and holding a baby, but I wasn’t there during the late nights or early mornings.

When Emily was born, my whole world changed. It was now filled with so much love for this little baby who was all mine and who I would spend every day with. We decided to wait until Emily was born to find out if she was a little boy or a little girl and it was one of the best surprises! That day was one of the best days of my life and I still, to this day, remember looking down at her little face and just being so in love.

After the initial meeting and those first few hours at the hospital, reality set in and I was now responsible for our little baby and had to take care of her. The next few days after that, while in the hospital and going home were challenging. I was trying to recover from my C-section, learning how to nurse for the first time, resting when I could and trying to find time to sleep, having everyone come to visit and meet Emily and then just spending time with her myself.

They always say the first two weeks are the hardest, but I think it could be extended to the first month. There was so much to take in and to adjust to that first month. So many new experiences, challenges and things to learn and I found it took about a month to really get a grip on things and start to feel comfortable. I found the same to be true after the triplets were born, but now I had to learn to do everything multiplied by three and with a 1 1/2 year old running around too.

When I think about what motherhood means to me, I think about the endless love I have for my kids, the thought that I know I would do anything for them and I would do everything I could to protect them. Motherhood is about caring for someone else who relies on you for everything and who looks up to you. It’s about changing your schedule to fit the needs of your baby and kids, not necessarily forever, but I think for the first few months to a year it’s easier to follow their schedule than to change it to fit yours. Motherhood is about making sacrifices sometimes and knowing that although your life is completely upside down right now, it won’t be like that forever. It’s about enjoying the time you have with your kids and living in the moment. Knowing that there will be really good days and really bad days, days where you don’t know what to do and other days where you are on top of everything as it happens and knowing that it is ok. It’s ok to have days where you feel sad because chances are you will have many more days that are filled with happiness. You will experience many different emotions in a single day, from laughing one minute to a full-blown crying session the next minute. Motherhood is not just a picture in the moment, but a journey that will last you a lifetime and will be filled with so many experiences that may be good or bad.

IMG_5342I think it is so important to realize that motherhood is going to be a different experience for every mom out there. It may not be the picture perfect experience that you may see on TV or in movies, but it is your experience and it is what you make it! Just know you are not alone and at some point during motherhood, every mom has experienced the same thing as you!

When you enter into motherhood for the first time, or start over again for the second, third, fourth or even fifth time, make sure to go in with an open mind and the ability to be flexible. You never know what you will experience and each time will likely be different. Find friends and family you can rely on to be there for you and find brands you trust, who understand what moms and babies need. PlaytexBaby wants to be there for you and your baby as you experience your journey in motherhood and to give you both what you need #ForBetterBeginnings. I am happy to be one of the #PlaytexMoms and I know I have found a brand to help me along the way!

IMG_2081Motherhood has been a roller coaster ride for me from the beginning and I am still learning as I go. I have never laughed, cried, smiled, yelled and spent more hours awake in my life as I have these past 4 years. Motherhood has taken a lot out of me and at times has given me more than I ever thought I could handle, but it has been worth every grueling moment. I love my four little babies and I couldn’t imagine life without them. They have helped me become who I am and they have shown me how to care and love for someone unconditionally!

I hope that as moms we can always support each other and be there for one another. We are all going through the same thing, even if at different times or in different ways and to know there are other moms experiencing the same thing as you it is comforting to know you are not alone.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you all have a day filled with love and relaxation! You are doing an amazing job!


P.S Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are the BEST MOM EVER!


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2 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU DEFINE MOTHERHOOD | #ForBetterBeginnings

  1. Happy Mothers Day to you! Thank you for the reminder that we are all amazing! Sending love to you and your family.


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