A Treat for Eating Your Veggies

This week was a good week for Emily!

I was a full 5 days of school this week and Emily was feeling better and getting over her ear infection. She went to school every day and finished her lunch every day!
The other week I talked about how I was trying to figure out what Emily likes and doesn’t like for her lunch and that I want to pack food I know she is going to eat. Last week I decided I would try something different with Emily. At the beginning of the week I made a deal with Emily. The deal was if she ate all of her veggies every day for the entire week, then on Friday I would make her a special treat. Her special treat was Jello!

Day ` - Oct 2
We took this picture after school and I thought Emily looked so cute with her sweater tied around her waist! 

We picked up 5 different flavors of Jello and Emily was able to choose the one I would make for Friday. She picked the grape flavor for her Jello!

I know it was probably not the best thing to reward eating veggies with a treat because I don’t want Emily to think that veggies are bad or to think that she will be given a treat every time she eats them, but it worked! She was excited to tell me after school that she finished all of her veggies. I do think that it was better to offer the treat at the end of the week instead of each day, that way she had something to look forward to.

Day 2 - Oct 3
Day 2 with her sweater around her waist! I realized I need to buy Emily some more sweaters!

Have you ever made a deal with your kids to get them to eat something? Did it work?

I do think that I will make a similar deal with Emily again. In the end if she eats her veggies every day and I then give her a treat of her choosing at the end of the week, I think it is a pretty good compromise!

Day 3 - Oct 4
Emily had to stand on the fence to show off her rain boots!

On another note, I think I am settling in to a good routine and I have found one that really works. I can always tell each morning if I am on time or running late when I look at the time. Last week I felt on top of everything, even when I wasn’t feeling good and we made it to school on time every day, which I have found plays a big part in how the rest of the day goes.

Day 4 - Oct 5
The cutest pants! They have smiley faces on them! Emily’s hair was a little crazy because we forgot to brush it before we left, so we had to put it up in a pony tail!

The biggest thing I changed to make my life easier and to also keep us on schedule, is to make breakfast for everyone first. I have been making scrambled eggs for Emily, the triplets and Axel and I’ve learned to make them first while I am packing up Emily’s lunch, so they are ready and cooled down by the time I am finished her lunch. Before I was making them after everything else was done and then rushing to feed everyone 10 minutes before we had to leave.

Day 5 - Oct 6
Emily wanted to make a funny face! This dress was from Old Navy on sale for $8 and it was so cute with a pair of tights and black boots!

It’s crazy how something so simple and the slightest change in your routine can make such a big difference!

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One thought on “A Treat for Eating Your Veggies

  1. I admired you so much mom corrie,,you organized everything with your family,its not easy though,1todler ,and triplets and 1baby axel oh my gosh its just unbelievable for me how you handle the situation ,hmm if thats me?a big I DONT KNOW !!!!lol


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