My Easy Tips to Saving Money on Everyday Purchases

If you read my most recent blog post, which I talked about all of my goals for 2018, you know that one of them was to save money. I not only want to save money by putting some away in a separate bank account, but I also want to save money on my everyday purchases. These are the purchases that I know I have to make and I am making frequently – the biggest ones being diapers! With two and a half-year old triplets, you can imagine what the diaper situation is like in our household! We have diapers everywhere! I want to thank Pampers for sponsoring this blog post and helping me share some easy and stress free ways that you can save money for the new year.

There really are so many easy ways to save money with your everyday purchases and of course, the biggest thing to make that happen is to know about the many ways. Sometimes saving money is as simple as clipping a coupon from a flyer or waiting for an item to go on sale and then there are times you have to be a bit more creative. You might think some are common sense or too simple, but those are often the things people skip over or forget about.

My first tip, which Dan thinks I am crazy for doing, is to sign up for emails from the companies and stores you shop at. I can’t tell you how many coupons and discounts or sales I find out about through emails and it is such a simple thing to do. A good thing to note is that most companies offer special discounts or coupons when you first sign up, such as 10%-20% off your purchase and some restaurants even send coupons for free food products. If you are the type of person who hates a clogged up email, I would suggest creating a separate email solely for this purpose. I have done this and it makes life so much easier.

My second tip would be to utilize online shopping options. Shopping from your couch and having products delivered right to your door saves you time, energy and money, when you are not out driving all around. This past holiday season I found myself doing a lot of online shopping and I definitely took advantage of all the deals from Amazon. It was so nice to just sit down, look online, place my order and within 2 days all my purchases were at my door. It was my first big year of doing online shopping and let me tell you, I have never felt more relaxed and calm with my Christmas shopping.

Another fun aspect of Amazon that I recently took advantage of was Subscribe and Save. Amazon’s Subscribe and Save is great because it allows you to save on so many everyday household products that you know you are always buying and then they are delivered right to your door. It is also super simple to set up! Once you select your items, you then select how often you would like them delivered, from monthly to every six months, and then on your delivery date, your items will be shipped right to your home.

I know saving money was on my list of goals for 2018, but another goal was to simplify things in my life. Amazon’s Subscribe and Save fits right into my goal of simplifying, and is a perfect tool for every busy parent. Once your subscriptions are set up, Amazon will continue delivering your items on your selected scheduled day, so you never have to worry or think about it, until they arrive at your door and as an added bonus, shipping is always free with your subscriptions. You can select from a variety of Pampers products, including Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes, Pampers Natural Clean Baby Wipes, Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Easy Ups, Pampers UnderJams and Pampers Splashers.

Until the triplets are potty trained, which won’t be any time soon, diapers will always be a regular purchase for us. To subscribe and save to Pampers diapers through Amazon and have them delivered right to our door, every month and save money while doing that, it just makes sense! I also like that you have the ability to change your order, if you wanted to add more or less, and you even have the option to skip a delivery if you don’t need that item then. As we continue to use the program, I already have a list of items I see us adding on.

My third tip would be to scroll through the app store on your phone and find all the apps that offer cash back for your purchases or rewards for the purchases you make for a specific product. I have quite a few apps on my phone relating to this and I find myself using them almost daily. It’s such a simple thing to do, uploading your receipts or entering in a reward code and then in return earning money back or points towards products. One of the apps I use all the time is the Pampers Rewards App. Diapers are one of my frequently purchased items and with the Pampers Rewards App, I am turning diapers into rewards. There are so many awesome items you can redeem your rewards for from the rewards catalogue and if you cannot quite choose, you can just continue to save and build up your points like me! 

My fourth and final tip would be to stay cautious when out shopping. Before buying an item, take a few moments to stop and think about if you really need it. Think about how long it will last you and if you are better off spending a little more for a product or item of better quality that will last you a lot longer. This is something that I am working on for 2018. I find myself looking for something cheaper because I don’t want to spend a lot of money, but then I am out looking for the same thing again because it wasn’t good quality and I end up spending more money.

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to over think it. It’s all about finding the simple and small ways you can save money in your everyday life. I hope my tips will help you when it comes to saving money and also give you a little simplicity in your life with your everyday shopping!

We would love to hear some of your money saving tips! Please share below!

I’ve been using Pampers since day one and only partner with brands I truly love, prior to being contacted. The opinions on this blog are my own.



6 thoughts on “My Easy Tips to Saving Money on Everyday Purchases

  1. Another way to save time and money is online grocery pick up at Wal-Mart. I orderall my groceries the night before and drive up to the spot and someone brings them to my car for me. I also ad match everything online and anything else I want to add that isn’t grocery related get a shipped to my house and I don’t pay a fee to pick up or the shipping.
    Also ad match either take the flip app or all the flyers and find the best deal. I know a few stores allow it. Wal-Mart for sure. Saves me lots of money in the end.

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    1. I’ve always wanted to try the grocery pick up! It’s called Click & Collect here. I wasn’t sure if they brought it out to you or you just park in those spots and go inside to get it, but that’s good to know they bring it out to you. I would totally do it on the days I think it will be a lot to take the kids in haha
      Price matching is a great thing! The only thing that’s hard is when the different stores don’t care the same name brand of the product that you want!


  2. I ad match and coupon while grocery shopping, as well as the rebate (from Flipp) or cashback offer (from Checkout 51). I also try and meal plan so I am only buying food we need for that and creating less waste. I also found sometimes buying in bulk or when things are on sale saves me in the long run. Something like ketchup that we go through a lot of. One of my goals this year is when grocery shopping or shopping for anything in general if my order was cheaper than I thought or I had extra money to buy giftcards for certain stores like Walmart or No Frills or Dollarama even if it is only $5. Then when there is a month that is really tight or Christmas I use those giftcard to shop with.

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    1. I love that idea of buying a gift card with the extra money you have left over, that’s a great one! We also try to buy in bulk for things we know we go through a lot of and when items are on sale, that’s the best time to stock up if you know you use them often!


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