Who Changes The Poopy Diapers?

Who changes the poopy diapers?

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This has been a very common question I have come across over the last few weeks in many of the Facebook parenting groups I am a part of and after reading and following along with quite a few of them, the answers seem to all point out the same thing… everyone DISLIKES changing the poopy diapers! Whether one parent is complaining that the other parent doesn’t change their baby’s diaper, or they mention that they always play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide whose turn it is, the underlying message they are trying to get across is that they don’t like to change diapers.

Dan and I have had our fair share of debates when trying to justify whose turn it is to change the diapers and sometimes they are just random facts about anything we can think of. They have involved going back 2 days prior stating all the times we have changed diapers, how many times each triplet has pooped and even adding in the times we helped Emily in the bathroom. Of course, I should always win since I am home with everyone during the day, but Dan will throw in how he had a long day at work and somehow he manages to squeeze in a win.

It is inevitable that you will have to change many, many dirty diapers over the course of your baby’s diaper wearing ages and it may always be a debate as to whose turn it is to change the poopy one, but with the right attitude and a good diaper by your side, you will make it out, no problem!

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Today we wanted to share with you our go to choice of diaper, Pampers Baby Dry, and although it won’t be able to change itself when your baby poops, it will keep them up to 3 times drier. We love Pampers and have been working with them (including on this post) since The Baby Gang started back in 2016. We have been using Pampers diapers and wipes from the beginning with Emily and have trusted the brand and its products since before The Baby Gang was created.

If you aren’t familiar with all of Pampers’ diapers, they make Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry,Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Easy-Ups. Our go-to diapers are Pampers Baby Dry.  

There are many reasons why we love them and one of the biggest and newest reasons is the Extra Absorb Channels. Before you could only find the Extra Absorb Channels in the Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers, but Pampers has now added this feature to Baby Dry, making them thinner and distributing wetness evenly – locking it away so babies are even drier than before.

This may seem like a small detail, but The Extra Absorb Channels help to spread the wetness evenly across the diaper, keeping it away from your baby’s bottom. A wet diaper can cause your baby to wake during the night as their skin can sense wetness, but the Extra Absorb Channels, together with the three layers of absorbent material, lock the wetness away, keeping your baby dry and providing up to 12 hours of overnight protection.

To know that Pampers understands the importance of a good night’s sleep for your baby, and the role it plays in their development, shows that they want to create a product with you and your baby in mind. They are always looking for innovative ways to make sure their diapers are designed to meet the needs of babies and parents. Pampers works with pediatricians, dermatologists and parents, when testing their diapers, to make sure they meet all the requirements, standards and needs of babies, which is another reason as to why we love Pampers and working with them.

Another key feature that we love about the Baby Dry diaper is the comfortable fit. It is a soft, thinner diaper, with stretchy sides, allowing your baby to run freely and have the ability to move and play without the bulkiness of thicker diapers. It may seem strange to think that a thinner diaper would provide as much protection as a thick diaper, but it brings us back to the Extra Absorb Channels.

When we were in New York last year, we had the chance to watch a demonstration of the new material in the Extra Absorb Channels and it was amazing to see how absorbent the new material was compared to the previous material. Pampers was able to use less of the new material to absorb more liquid, which is why the Baby Dry diapers are now thinner than before.

I think another important aspect to keep in mind when thinking of diapers is the cost. Whether you have one baby in diapers or 3 at the same time, the cost of diapers will eventually add up. With triplets, we go through a lot of diapers, so we want to make sure our money stretches as far as it can go. Now that Pampers has designed the Baby Dry diapers with the same key feature as the Swaddlers and the Cruisers, the Extra Absorb Channel, you get an added value in the diaper!

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We still have a while to go before our diaper changing days are over, but knowing that Pampers Baby Dry diapers can provide the quality and value we need in a diaper gives us peace of mind. The debate of who is on diaper duty, especially with the poopy ones, will never end, but we can all agree on the fact that every baby loves a fresh diaper and they don’t care who changes their bum as long as it gets done!

Those are the reasons why we love the Pampers Baby Dry diaper and why they are our first choice. We hope you found all of our reasons helpful when thinking of which diaper you will purchase!

This post is sponsored by Pampers, who you all know we have been partnering with since The Baby Gang started back in 2016. We only work with brands who we have used and loved prior to being contacted, so thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post.

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