Am I A Good Mom?

Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post for Mother’s Day and for always being there for Moms right from the beginning!

I was out for a walk yesterday, pulling the triplets in the wagon after dropping Emily off at school, and I started to think about this blog post and what I should write about. I knew that I wanted to be more open and share with you something that I haven’t shared in the past. I started to think about my thoughts of what being a mom means to me, different experiences I had and even why I love being a mom, but then it hit me and I knew exactly what I should write about.

Lately I have found that being a mom really does have its challenges and it can become very overwhelming at times, to the point I stop and ask myself “Am I a good mom?”

As moms, I feel like this is a question many of us have asked ourselves at some point, especially on those days where our kids don’t listen or we cannot seem to get things together. I know for myself I ask that question on days where I feel like all I have done is ask my kids 100 times to do something. Or to stop fighting, to the point I have to raise my voice for them to listen, On the days when I have no idea what to make for dinner and end up with a peanut butter wrap with strawberries and blueberries on the side. Or the days when I may have spent too much time on my phone or being distracted from my kids trying to clean that I never actually sat down to play with them.

Every time I have days like that, I ask myself “Am I a good mom?” Then I think about how I could be better, what could I do differently tomorrow or I wonder what my kids think of me. Being a mom is such a tough job and it can really leave you feeling like what you are doing is not good enough.

This is where Mother’s Day comes in. I think Mother’s Day is a day not necessarily for moms to receive gifts, but to take the time to stop and think about just how amazing we all are. To understand that even though we may have bad days, days we aren’t too proud of or days where you wish you were alone on a deserted island, we are doing the best we can, we are always learning along the way and that we would do anything for our kids.

I think back to my first Mother’s Day and it was so special for me because I finally got to celebrate something that I had dreamt about for so long. I look at this year’s Mother’s Day and it is just as special as my first because I now have five years of being a mom to celebrate and I can look back at everything I have learned and experienced as a mom.

It’s so nice to have your kids celebrate you on Mother’s Day. Although they have help when they are younger, it is so surprising how much kids actually understand at a young age. Then as they get older, they learn to appreciate you and show their love and appreciation all on their own. This year I am excited to spend the day with Emily, Jackson, Olivia, Levi and Dan of course, just hanging out and enjoying the life we have created.

Piles of laundry everywhere, but the kids don’t care! All they want to do is hangout, cuddle and watch cartoons 🙂

I think, as moms, we can be so hard on ourselves and it is inevitable, but if we can learn to love who we are, know that we are doing the best we can and are always open for change and learning from ourselves, we can change that and be confident to say “I am a great mom!”

Our kids will always love us and we see it time and time again. You may yell at them one moment and within a few minutes, they are back by your side asking you when dinner will be ready or trying to get out the crazy thought they just had in their head. As I was thinking about this topic on our walk, I turned around to look at Jackson, Olivia and Levi in the wagon and they instantly met me with a smile. They asked to go fast down the hill and I did just that. I told them to hold on tight and said here we go! Then we ran down the hill and their faces lit up with the biggest smile and laugh.

Something so little as a little ten second run down a hill and it instantly clears up all their pouting and gives you a boost in your confidence of being the greatest mom you are! So my last thought for you all, is to stop what you are doing, go over to your kids, no matter what their age is, and give them the biggest hug, then sit there for a couple minutes to play with them or talk with them! You will walk away with a smile on your face and feeling great!

I want to send out the biggest Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there and I hope you all know just how amazing you are!!

Thank you again to Pampers for sponsoring this post. We only work with brands who we have used prior to being contacted and who we genuinely love!

– Corrie

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