A look at the Safety 1st Alpha Omega 65 Car Seat

It is without a doubt that your child’s safety is a top priority when it comes to being a parent. We often think back to times when we were both kids and how much our parents would worry about us. I cannot express how annoying that was, but being parents ourselves we can see their intentions were to keep our safety top of mind.  Even to this day, both of our parents still worry about the things we do, especially now that we have our own children. As you all know we had a very adventurous summer with the kids which included a lot of travel time in the car. It was a big mission, but we were up for the task. Our entire families worried about our travels and we’ve got to admit we always love a good challenge, but we were a little worried ourselves. Can you really blame us!? I mean you never know what could happen, but the important thing is you keep yours and your child’s safety a top priority!


One thing we’ve learned as parents is that car seat safety has always been an important element of parenting. As parents of multiple children who are still young and all in car seats we have developed some very valuable expertise in car seat assembly. To be honest, it was a big learning experience (mainly for Dan ha-ha) but with all the available options out there it is imperative to know key features and the quality of car seat you have that will ensure safety and security for your little one. 

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Today we are excited to discuss the Safety 1st Alpha Omega 65 Car Seat. This is a 3-in-1 car seat that offers superior comfort and a wide variety of features to keep your little one safe and comfortable. It is also extremely stylish. I recently bought a new car earlier this year and our kids always get so excited to see me when I pull into the driveway. Corrie always tells me how excited the kids get as they yell “daddy’s home with his new car!! We have been looking to get a new car seat in my car as the kids always ask me to take them for a ride (given that we have 4 kids my car cannot accommodate having all of them at once). However, I get them super excited by taking one or two at a time and it also allows me to have some quality fun time with the kids.

Photo 2018-09-11, 7 51 39 PM.jpg

The Safety 1st Alpha Omega 65 Car Seat is honestly perfect for the kids and to have in my new car. It fits flush to the back seats, it has a sleek style, is super comfortable and grows with your child with the 3-in-1 adapt 1 feature. As we have mentioned, Dan can struggle with car seat assembly which makes this car seat perfect for anyone with its super user-friendly features. The threads never need re-threading and neither does the harness. All of our kids are forward facing, and this install was super easy – please note we did not assemble our car seat rear-facing.

Our best advice when it comes to car seat safety is plain and simple, do your research. Find a car seat that works best for you, your baby and your vehicle. Also, read the instructions. A lot of the things wrong with car seat assembly come from not reading the instructions (i.e.: the chest strap not being placed at armpit level) following the guidelines given to you will help you understand what the car seats offers and the type of quality it brings.  This has always been a big help to us and has always ensured our kids are safe everyday through every trip.

We have really enjoyed the use of our new Safety 1st Alpha Omega 65 Car Seat and would recommend it as a top choice for your little one.


To learn more about the Safety 1st Alpha Omega 65 Car Seat click here.

*Thank you to Safety1st for sponsoring this post.


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