Superheros and Cars! – Herodrive Review

We are so excited to share with you the Herodrive Line from Funrise Toys as our first Toy Review for the 2018 Holiday Season! Thank you to Funrise Toys for sending us the Herodrive Vehicles to review.

DSC00113 edit.jpg

The Herodrive Line brings together your children’s favourite superheros from Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman and the Joker and vehicles perfect for their small hands into one amazing toy!

Each vehicle is equipped with their own special feature and designed using the featured superhero’s colours and symbols.

We first saw the Herodrive Line at a Holiday Toy Event and Jackson and Levi were hooked! They live for Batman, Superman and cars, so to find a new toy that combined both into one, well they were beyond excited. The cars have been a hit with all four of our kids and they loved all the flashing lights, cool sounds and features each car had to offer. To see the cars in action and all the fun they had testing them out for the first time, watch our video review down below.

The Batman Racer

If your child is a fan of Batman, then this car is for them! The Batman Racer offers so much from lights, engine sounds and music and even transforms into race mode. Once in race mode, the car is set to take off by itself with 2 clicks of the logo on the hood of the car. This is the largest car in the line and truly the ultimate batman car for any child!

Ages 3+ | $29.99 | Toys”R”Us Canada, Home Hardware

The Signal Squad

It’s all about the signal! It’s time to call on your favourite super hero with their unique symbols projected from each car. Drive up close to a wall and drive back slowly to increase the size of the symbol. This is the mid sized car of the line and also perfect for any child.

Ages 3+ | $12.99 Each | Walmart

Ages 3+ | $14.99 Each | Toys”R”Us Canada, Home Hardware

The Mash Machine

Superheros meet our real-life vehicles with the Mash Machines! Each design of the superhero is incorporated into an everyday vehicle including a firetruck, police car and even an ice cream truck. It’s fun to see a superhero incorporated into vehicles children can recognize so easily within our everyday life and get so excited!

Ages 3+ | $9.99 | Toys”R”Us Canada, Home Hardware

We are so impressed with the Herodrive Line of vehicles and we know kids of all ages will love them!

For more information and to check out more products from Funrise Toys, you can visit their site here –


Our Video Toy Review

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