Finding Out We had TRIPLETS!

Dan and I always knew we wanted to have a big family, but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would happen this fast!

After we had Emily, our plan was to try for one more, that way we would have two babies close in age, then after a few years we would try for a third. Little did we know that along with our second would come our third and fourth!

I found out I was pregnant for the second time in October 2014. Emily was 10 month and when I figured out my approximate due date, there would be roughly 18 months between Emily and the new baby. With my doctor away on holidays, I wasn’t able to see her right away and it was even longer before I had an ultrasound. On December 10th, 2014 I finally had my appointment for a dating ultrasound. It was just supposed to be a basic ultrasound to determine how far along I was and to make sure everything was good with the baby. Dan was working that day, so I went to the appointment myself.

I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and when it was time, I laid down on the bed and the nurse told me to relax and close my eyes. As I laid there I heard the nurse say “oh,” so immediately I opened my eyes wondering what she meant. I was so nervous from that moment and I was under the impression that they don’t say anything until the ultrasound is complete. The nurse told me to close my eyes again and just relax. After she finished the ultrasound she asked if I had received any fertility when I got pregnant. I replied “no” and she said “well, there is a little surprise!” I was a little confused and not sure what to think, but I remember my one thought was TWINS! The nurse showed me the monitor and while pointing at the screen said “I saw one baby, then the second and then looking around some more, I saw the third down here.” I was in complete shock when she said there were 3 babies. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor and I took a huge gasp. I think I laughed nervously and remember saying I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I also couldn’t believe that I had to find this out by myself!

After I realized what was going on, the nurse told me that all 3 babies were measuring the correct size for how far along I was, which was 12 1/2 weeks. She told me that it appears one baby is by themselves and the other two have a thin layer between them. She wasn’t entirely sure how to classify them, but said my doctor would be able to tell me. The nurse handed me the ultrasound pictures and told me that was the most she had ever printed out. The two receptionists were so excited and very happy for me!

I left the office and went to my car and just sat there, still kinda laughing and thinking over and over to myself, what the heck just happened! I knew I had to tell Dan right away and it had to be in person, so I drove straight to his work. When I got there I asked if we could go to his office to look at the ultrasound. I pulled out the pictures and laid them on the table. Dan looked at the pictures and I pointed out A, B and C. He then said “wow, that is one active baby, look at all of the movements.” I pointed again and said “no, that’s A, B and C, as in three different babies.” Dan looked at me as if I was joking and said “no way!” Once the news really sank in, Dan was still in disbelief and said “I can’t believe this, how did this happen! This is so exciting, but scary, what are we going to do!” I said “I don’t know either and I can’t believe we are having TRIPLETS!”

After telling Dan, I went to my mom’s house to tell everyone the exciting news too! I walked in and said “guess what!” My mom, two sister and brother came over and I said look at my ultrasound. Right away my mom said “you are having twins?” I responded with a “no…I’m having triplets!” They were so shocked and couldn’t believe it. My mom even said the night before she had a dream where I found out I was having twins, she was pretty close!

Dan called all of his family after too and when he told them, no one believed him. Dan and his brothers always love to joke around and try to make things up, which is one of the reasons no one believed him. After telling them a few more times and assuring them he wasn’t joking this time they finally believed him. They were all so excited and in shock as well!

When we found out we were having triplets, it was only a few days before Emily’s 1st birthday party. We thought it was the perfect time to let all of our friends and the rest of our families know. While everyone was sitting we told them the news and everyone looked shocked. Luckily we had an ultrasound to prove that there were indeed 3 babies and we were having triplets!

Finding out we were having triplets will forever be some of the most exciting, nervous, thrilling and any other word you can think of, news we will receive in our lives! I will never forget the moment, sitting there and having the nurse tell me there were three babies. I can still replay the moment in my head and every now and then when I do think about it I get chills and feel my stomach drop, just like it did that day!


The first ultrasound I received. A is Olivia, B+C are Jackson and Levi.