Excited for Summer! 

One of our walks a few weeks ago

The nice weather has finally arrived and summer is almost here! I love summer and the warm weather and I find I am in such a better mood this time of year. I feel I have more energy, I am eager to get outside and I have less “lazy” days. It’s amazing what a little sunshine and nice weather can do to a person and how much it can affect their mood and just overall outlook on things.

With that being said, I have so many plans and must-do’s for the summer, which led me to writing a bucket list. I know I may not be able to complete my entire list, but I think it’s fun to plan ahead and think of different places to see and visit. The bucket list also helps when deciding what to do, especially on those unexpected free days where we are trying to think of something minute. I waste so much time trying to make a final decision sometimes that it becomes too late and I end up running out of time and doing nothing. With the bucket list complete I will have already gone through the thought process. I also don’t want to leave Dan out or make all the decisions, so I made sure to ask what he would want to do this summer 😉

The Apple Factory, Emily was hatching out of the egg

Here is what my bucket list looks like so far!

Bucket List

  • Plant garden in front of house
  • Toronto Zoo
  • African Lion Safari
  • Centre Island / Centreville
  • Beaches
    • Grand Bend
    • Sauble
  • Camping
  • Wonderland
  • Bell Fountain + Apple Factory
  • Chinguacousy Park
  • Splash Pads
  • Picnics
  • See Canada Day Fireworks
  • Niagara Falls
  • Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
  • Berry Picking
  • St. Jacobs Farmers Market
  • Tobermory / Cypress Lake
  • Cities to Visit
    • Ottawa
    • Toronto
  • Take Emily and Triplets to Jays Game
  • Lots of Walks

There is no particular order that I put them in (other than number one) and I know I may not be able to complete all of them, but since I am going to start early I may have a good chance. I was hoping to plant my garden today, but with the rain from last night and today I suppose I will have to wait. Planting everything tomorrow night is now the plan. I already have the flowers and little shrubs that I will plant so I am already a step ahead and hopefully I will be able to check it off my list tomorrow night.

Our first Picnic

I also know it may look like it will cost a lot, but a lot if not all the places on here list the prices of children 3 and under free, so really we would just be paying for Dan and I and Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi would be free! There are also so many places to try and find discounts on tickets or promotional codes to enter when buying tickets. I do have some air miles rewards to redeem as well and I did happen to see a few of these on there that I can redeem my points towards and that should save some money too!

I know the triplets may not remember and Emily may not remember either, but we will and we will have the memories of their first time on a ride or their reaction to seeing different animals for the first time. I am just so excited for summer and all the fun things you can do during the nice weather. In the end if all I can do from my list is go for picnics, go for walks and make it to a couple splash pads, I will still be happy.

Doing these activities with Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi are one of the top things I have always looked forward to when becoming a parent. A lot of these activities I did growing up and I want to share those memories with my kids, while also reliving them myself too =D

Olivia, Jackson and Levi getting the feel of grass


What are some of your plans for the summer?

Do you have activities you do every summer or places that you must go to every year?

Is there anything that you think I should add to my bucket list or must-visit places to see?







3 thoughts on “Excited for Summer! 

  1. You could also add “trip to Florida” and immediately check it off your list!! It might be encouraging to see something checked off 🙂

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