I Can’t Let Go

Have you ever had to get rid of something, but couldn’t do it? Or had that one item that you just couldn’t part with? Well, for me that is how I feel about basically everything I have! I cannot let go of anything and it has only gotten worse since having kids.

I find I always associate a memory or meaning with an item, which makes me feel as though I am losing that memory when throwing out that item. It saddens me to think of losing a memory, most importantly the ones created by my kids. Baby items, especially clothes, are the absolute hardest things to part with. We have tons of clothes that Emily and the triplets have outgrown that I cannot part with because I look at them and remember how small they were when they wore them. I find it even takes me some time to come to terms with the fact they have outgrown specific sizes of clothes.

Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi are just growing so fast and I feel as though time is flashing by right before my eyes. By keeping their clothes, it’s like I can hold on to them being my babies for a little longer!

Dan is the complete opposite of me and he can get rid of anything, no problem. He thinks I am crazy and even goes so far as to say I am a borderline hoarder! I don’t think it is that bad, yet, but maybe just some hoarding tendencies 😉

Our house is not the biggest and we don’t have all the extra space in the world to store things, so I know it is important to eventually go through all of their clothes and clear up space. Dan always bugs me about doing it and I do start and make some progress, but it is a lot of work. I also want to go through the clothes to decide what I want to keep, which takes time and extra time is something I don’t have that often. I think there are special outfits that are a must keep, including their going home from the hospital outfits and just ones that they looked super cute it. The triplets wore preemie outfits for the first 2 weeks and I one hundred percent want to keep those. I couldn’t believe they were that small and having those outfits helps me to remember!

Just some of the clothes the triplets have out grown!

I think I need to find a way to reuse their clothes. If I could take the clothes and make them into something I could use, it would save space from storing them and still allow me to keep them. I have come across a few different options, such as a quilt or making a stuffed teddy bear and I think those would be very cute to have! I really liked the teddy bear idea and it would be a good keepsake for Emily and triplets to have their whole life!


Have you found a fun way to keep your children’s clothes?

What have you done with items, such as clothing that you couldn’t part with?

Please share your ideas and help me find a fun way to keep mine!




One thought on “I Can’t Let Go

  1. Hey 😊
    If you want to keep the clothes just for your memory, you could make a blanket or something like that out of them. That way you can have something that will always remind you of their baby days or even make it bigger in time with their growth ☺️

    But please please keep some of them! My dad likes to throw everything out and I would be so happy if I would have something from my own baby / kid days to remember 😊

    Greetings from Germany 👋🏼


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