Temptations: How can I say no?


It is easy to say I eat healthy and say how many vegetables I eat with dinner, but the reality is I also eat a lot of food that is not healthy. Although I may eat healthy food, if I am eating all the bad food in between can I really say I am a healthy eater? As much as I try to eat healthy, the temptations are real and they are all around. From the donuts at Zehrs, to Starbucks frappuccinos, to the array of fast food drive thru’s, I just can’t help myself and cave all the time. I have the biggest sweet tooth and love all types of bake goods or desserts.

Up until a month and a half ago I didn’t think twice about what I ate because I was still breastfeeding the triplets. When I was exclusively breastfeeding them, my doctor told me I would burn 2000 calories a day when producing enough milk for all three. I took that as, “Okay! Eat what I like!” It was perfect, I could eat all the things I loved and not gain any weight. That was until they turned a year and I introduced milk into their diet. I wasn’t nursing them as much and as a result not burning as many calories as before. I continued to eat how I was and now I have paid the price of gaining weight.

I was so happy to have lost all the baby weight plus more and now it is starting to creep back on. Luckily it has only been about 8 pounds, but 8 pounds really does make a difference. I can feel it in my stomach and I notice it in my face when I gain the slightest amount of weight. My one pair of shorts are feeling a little more snug then they did a month ago and a few of my shirts are a little tighter than I would like.

It is not the nicest feeling knowing that I have gained weight so easily and the frustrating part in all of this is I know exactly the reasons as to why it is happening. I have indulged too much and caved at every temptation in front of me and if I continue doing this then I know I will just keep gaining weight. I have to understand and realize that I cannot just eat what I want and when I want, especially if I am not burning as many calories as before.

The challenge is going to be saying no and avoiding the temptations. It is going to be hard during the summer months when ice cream and desserts are all around. When it’s hot outside I immediately think of having a popsicle or smoothy to cool down, or at the end of the day if we go for a walk, we get an ice cream. If I am out with Emily and the triplets I like to stop at Starbucks and get a frappuccino enjoy it in the van while they sleep. Then after everyone goes to sleep, Dan and I will sit down and watch TV with a bag of chips and a pop. It is never-ending and every day I am surrounded by all this food I shouldn’t be eating.

I know how important what you eat is to your health and how it can make a big difference if you are trying to lose weight. Back in April I was trying to lose a few pounds before Florida, so I cut out all the sweet stuff from my diet for a couple of weeks. I didn’t drink anything but water and ate more fruits and vegetables. It really worked and I lost 5 pounds in the one week, just from cutting out the bad stuff. It was hard for me to not eat the sweet stuff I wanted, but it felt good to lose weight and it was worth it in the end.

I think this is going to be the route I need to go from now on. I can’t say I won’t eat anything, but maybe limit myself to one snack a week. I have to increase the amount of veggies I eat and the amount of water I drink. I think with just an overall healthier diet, with less sugar and junk food and more fruits, veggies and water, I will see a difference in the way I feel and hopefully lose some weight!


What are some of the things you do to help avoid the temptations?

Do you have a meal plan or way to help you eat better and stay on track?

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