Outdoor Fun at Chinguacousy Park

Last week I took Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi to Chinguacousy Park in Brampton, Ontario. I went there all the time when I was growing up and we actually lived right across the street at one point. It is a cute little park with a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy and it’s a perfect place for kids of all ages.

There is a little pond with lots of birds and swans, as well as a petting zoo with goats, cows and sheep and a barn with a few different animals to look at. You can also take small children on a pony ride and everyone can go on the train ride and carousel ride they have. You really could spend the whole day there and if it’s hot you can cool down in the little splash pad or run around on the playground. On top of that there are paddle boats available to rent and you can use them in the little pond.

I met my Nanny, aka Emily and the triplets Great Nanny and my cousin Meaghan there. Emily was so excited to see them, as was the triplets and myself. Meaghan became Emily’s best friend for the entire day, it was so cute to see her follow her everywhere.

We walked around to see all of the animals and Emily would say the name of each animal and then make the sounds each one made. It was very cute to watch and it’s so nice to see her so fascinated with all of the animals. Jackson, Olivia and Levi watched from the stroller, laughing at everything Emily did and were so curious to see all of the animals. If they weren’t buckled in they would have fallen right out from leaning over so much to see the animals.

Emily went on the pony ride and loved every minute of it! She absolutely loves horses and was so excited to be on the pony ride. I think I will have to one day sign her up for horseback riding lessons.

After that we headed over to the carousel and train ride. You do have to buy tickets for each ride, but it wasn’t too expensive. I believe we got 7 tickets for $20. I took Levi on the carousel ride and Emily and Meaghan went on too. Emily loved the ride, but Levi wasn’t too sure and about half way through he wanted off! I didn’t think it was going too fast and I was holding him and standing right beside, but it was his first time on a carousel so maybe he just wasn’t use to it.

I took Olivia and Jackson on the train ride and Emily went with Meaghan. Olivia and Jackson loved the train ride and they were so excited to stand up and watch everyone as we went by. I felt bad that they enjoyed their ride so much and poor Levi didn’t have such a fun time on his. I’ll have to make it up to him and take him on the train the next time we go.

We picked up some freezies from the concession stand and then went to a little open field to let the triplets run around. It does get hard sometimes to keep them in their seats for a long period of time, especially now that they are walking. They just want to get up and go, go, go, so to stop for a little bit and let them run around gives them a small break. Luckily my Nanny and Meaghan were there and together we were able to keep them all in one place.

The last “to do” on our list was to head back to the petting zoo and feed some animals. Emily was adorable and her love for animals is too precious. She went around to hug every animal and said hi to each and everyone of them. She also tried to feed the baby cow by picking some grass, she was excited when the cow ate it!

It was great to see my Nanny and Meaghan and a fun way to spend our day. It was nice to take Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi to Chinguacousy Park and have them experience something I did when I was little. I want to share with them some of the places I went to or things I did when I was little and create a lot of the fun memories for them as I have now. I love being outside during the summer and to go to a place that offers so many fun activities is a fantastic way to spend out time. I know Emily and the triplets enjoyed their day and it was only a matter of seconds once we started to drive that they fell asleep.

I can now check Chinguacousy Park off of our Summer Bucket List!

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