My Life For The Last 3 Years

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For the last 3 years my life has been all about babies. From finding out I was pregnant in April 2013 to now having 4 children under the age of 3, all I think about day in and day out is baby.

When I wake up each morning my first thought is usually “okay, time to get everyone up and get going” and is usually accompanied by 1, 2 or 3 crying babies. Even on the rare chance I am up before them, I would still think to myself, “okay, when will everyone be getting up.” My second thought would then be “what should I make for breakfast” followed by “what should we do today?”

The rest of my day is filled with questions and thoughts, such as:

Who needs a bum change? Oh no, not another poop!

Who is hungry? Who is still hungry? Are they really hungry again?

What time is it? What day of the week is it?

When is Paw Patrol on again and did we already watch Tinga Tinga Tales?

Did I just feed Jackson or Levi? Who is this, Jackson or Levi?

Emily where are all the nummies? Can you help me find them?

Okay what is going on and why is everyone crying?

You all have to share!

Stop! No, don’t do that!

Emily why are you naked and where is your diaper?

Who want’s a bottle? Who wants Cheerios?

Okay, everyone off the window sill!

No don’t touch that! Don’t put that in your mouth! Eww!!

Who is ready for a nap? I am!

The list is endless and I could go on and on about every thought that goes through my head or every question I have to ask during the day, but if there is one thing they all have in common it is that they are all baby or child related.

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After thinking about all that has happened over the last three years, I have come to realize that I have put everything else that was once in my life on the back burner. Everything from my relationship with Dan and relationships with friends, to taking care of myself, they have all become a faint thought in my day-to-day living. I am surrounded by everything baby and I think about them morning, noon and night. I can’t help it and I find I don’t have the space in my thoughts to worry or think about anything else.

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When I ask myself, why is it like this? The only thing I can think of is, just because… Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi depend on me, need me and rely on me to be there for them all of the time. From getting them out of bed, to feeding them, changing their bums and just being there to socialize, teach and play with them, they need me. How could I stop to think about anything else? To me they are the most important people in my life and I would do anything and everything for them, even if that means sacrificing other aspects of my life.

I don’t mean to make it sound as though I am the only one they need or who is capable of doing things for them, because that is not the case. Dan is so involved with everything and does so much for them when he is home. I am only talking specifically about the times I am home with everyone by myself when Dan is out working. Mom’s and dad’s play just as equal roles in a baby or child’s life, but as the one on maternity leave with Emily and the triplets, I am the one responsible for their care during the day.

Each day I try to follow a routine for the triplets, especially when it comes to their naps and eating. If they don’t nap they are over tired, which makes it harder for them to fall asleep and then stay asleep and if they wait to long to eat they become very fussy and cranky. I base my entire day around their routine, from the time I eat or clean up, to when we go out to the store.They control almost everything that happens during the day.

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I am so focused on making sure everything is perfect for them and I am doing things right, I have pretty much forgotten all other aspects of life. It is hard to step away from that and try to think of something else. It is hard to go out without them because I worry about everything, although I am getting better as they get older. I just want to be with them all of the time and if that means not going out or doing something for myself, then that’s what I do.

The last three years have been the most challenging, yet the most rewarding years of my life. I have learned so much about myself and how to be a mom and I can honestly say being a mom is the best job I could ever have. With all the late nights, early mornings, spit ups, diaper changes, crying, screaming and endless laundry comes laughing, hugs and kisses, the biggest smiles, cuddles, happiness and love. Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi have taught me what unconditional love is and what true happiness looks like. It is so much work to raise children, no matter how many you have, but it is so worth it in the end!


How has your life changed since having children?

Has there been aspects of your life you forgot about after having kids?

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7 thoughts on “My Life For The Last 3 Years

  1. Corrie, this is such a wonderful reflection on your first few years of motherhood— and what a whirl it’s been for both you and Dan! I just want to thank you for sharing your life and your family through this blog and on FB, where your posts are always a delight. You may not feel like it all the time, but you are truly exceptional role models for all young parents.

    I know everyone older than you probably tells you this, but it can’t be said enough: whatever is hard about life with four kiddies will not last. It will get easier as their independence increases (bringing a whole new raft of worries! haha) and you WILL get your lives back in due course—probably quite a bit sooner than seems possible right now.

    Meanwhile, enjoy every minute with your little ones because it’s a fact that they don’t stay little for long. It’s also a fact that if you raise them with love and respect and joy, they will continue to need you and to come to you for help, in different ways, right into their own adulthood, and one day you will wake up and realise that these four amazing young people are not so much your children, but your best friends forever.

    God bless you all. xo

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    1. Aww thank you so much Cate! What you said means so much. We love to share our experiences with everyone and it’s even better to know that they may help someone who is going through the same thing as us.
      I know what you mean by new worries as they get older. What I worry about now for the triplets is what I did for Emily, but now that Emily is older I have new things I worry about for her. There is just so much worry! haha
      They are truly growing up so fast and I will take every minute I have with them and cherish it forever!
      Thank yo for reading and again for your amazing comment 🙂


  2. You are an amazing mommy! I feel the exact same way and I only have one son who is 5.5 months old. My life revolves around him and the thought of doing things without him gives me anxiety. I find that my friends without babies don’t get it so that is frustrating. I know maintaining friendships is important but this time with my baby is top priority. Do your friends understand? I love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much Renee! Being a parent really does consume you and does become your top priority to be there for your baby. I can totally understand what it is like with just one because I was the exact same way with Emily. They become your little best friend, especially when you are with them 24/7, it becomes so hard to leave. I hope your friends will understand, but if not one day when they have a baby of their own they will know exactly what you went through!


  3. You are an amazing mum! I have twins ( boy and girl) who are 21 months now. My whole life now is always about them. A lot of what you said is what I experience as a mum each day and like you say, it’s all worth it! I got back to work from June and it’s all the more busier now. It has to be an extremely organised household for us all to leave home together in the mornings. Evenings go by with the usual activities. I’m also getting better as they are getting older. I have always followed your FB page always and drawn a lot of inspiration from you for my life as a mum of twins 🙂 you are a source of inspiration for many like me! keep posting :)) wishing nothing less than best of all worlds for you and your family 😊😊

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    1. Thank you so much Nive, that means a lot to hear and I am so happy you enjoy reading our posts and following us on facebook! I can only imagine how busy you must be, while trying to get yourself and twins ready in the morning. It takes me a long time to get out and I don’t have a set time I need to leave by. Being organized would help tremendously. Do you have a specific routine you follow each morning to make sure you leave on time?
      Thank you again and we will keep posting!


  4. Not forgotten, I think about it every day and try to hold onto any semblence of my former life that I can without having too many fingernails ripped out…happy for you though maybe I’ll get where you are one day and not care anymore…acceptance has to come sometime.


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