LG Twin Wash Review | Changing The Laundry Game!

Late last year I had the opportunity to attend the #LGUltimateLaundryRoom event, giving me an up-close and personal look at the LG TWINWash washing machine pair as well as a few other spotlight items. The event was hosted by supermodel and mom, Coco Rocha to showcase the power behind the LG brand in the laundry department. If you caught my recap video and Instagram stories, you would have witnessed how much fun I had at the event and how my mind was blown with the artificial intelligence that truly brought these machines to life, changing the laundry game, and setting new standards.

6v0a2104It’s no secret that whether you are a parent or not, laundry is inevitable for everyone. Some just have bigger “clothing mountains” than others. As parents of multiple children, with a laundry mountain that never seems to end, you can probably piece together why I was so excited to learn about the LG TWINWash washing machine. The TWINWash offers the capability to do two loads at one time. First, is the top part of the machine which accommodates your bigger loads while the LG SideKick™ pedestal washer at the bottom allows you to focus on smaller loads or more delicate pieces of clothing. Ideal for families of all sizes, and as a parent of a large family, I immediately thought it was perfect for me and Corrie and suddenly the “clothing mountain” didn’t seem so bad in our minds.

In addition to the LG TWINWash, I also had the ability to witness some other fantastic LG laundry items such as their dryers with sensor dry technology and the LG Styler which is basically an in house dry cleaning system. As someone who works in a professional business environment the LG Styler caught my attention right away. Prior to attending the #LGUltimateLaundryRoom event I was only able to research the LG Styler from the information on the LG website and had no idea what it truly was about or what to expect. The moment I walked into the room I was quickly drawn to it and it had me amazed. It was easy to use, a little bigger than I expected, but how it worked was so simple. It offers TrueSteam® technology with a moving hanger that eliminates odors and wrinkles so your clothing continues to look fresh – ideal for me as a business professional, but ideal for everyone else because you can sanitize just about anything (ie, toys, sportswear, bedding etc.).6v0a2152

While learning about these incredible items, I would say what I was TRULY excited about is the artificial intelligence embedded into these machines. LG proved to me that they are truly changing the industry standard when it comes to laundry (also in the kitchen department when I attended the #LGKitchen event as well). You can incorporate programs like Alexa and Google to connect with your washer and dryer and basically control everything you do at the touch of a button or by saying a command.  “Hey Google, turn on my washer.” It is really that easy! Now if only I had an LG robot to do my laundry for me!

We acquired our own LG TWINWash system earlier this year and really wanted to put it to the test. Everything I learned and was excited about from the #LGUltimateLaundryRoom event, I got to witness and experience in my own home with the ability to share it with my family. I even had my youngest daughter Olivia help me start the first load which was exciting for the both of us as a father/daughter duo (Which you can find on my Instagram).

Lastly, I have to point out our LG dryer. Aside from having 14 dryer programs and TurboSteam technology, it was the capacity of the dryer that I have been really enjoying. Especially with super bulky kids clothes. I am also not used to having a lower pedestal attached and with the amount of space provided, I once did laundry and after drying the clothes I used the lower pedestal storage area and forgot about my clothes for one month not remembering where these clothes were. Corrie at one time thought she was losing her mind and I didn’t think I did anything wrong when really it was me, haha!6v0a2109

To put things into perspective, according to Consumer Reports, LG held 9 out of 10 spots on their recommended dryers ratings list, and LG washers earned 8 out of 10 spots for recommended machines. This comes with overall rating of excellence in categories such as reliability, performance, efficiency, and overall satisfaction + more.  What makes this even more genuine is that there is no endorsement from Consumer Reports, they just state the facts.

If you are thinking to upgrade your laundry room in the coming future, do what many have from around the country and choose LG. From their variety of options to their overall AI and feature technology, it is something we highly recommend!

For more details on LG’s laundry products, visit www.LG.ca/UltimateLaundryRoom.

This post was sponsored by LG Electronics Canada Inc., but all opinions are my own.

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