Feeling Ritzy with our Ritzy Rollerz [Ritzy Rollerz Toy Review]

As Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi get older, I’ve noticed that their interests in toys have been changing. I’ve been going through their toys, sorting and decluttering all of the “baby” toys and slowly replacing them with toys that appeal to their new interests and ways to play.

It’s nice that Emily and the triplets are fairly close in age, 17 months to be exact, because it means that they tend to enjoy the same kinds of toys and also enjoy playing together. I find that they incorporate a lot of pretend play and their imagination in whatever they are doing. Whether it’s playing family or using figurines as their characters, they are always creating new scenarios and stories.

Recently we had the chance to review a brand new toy line from TOMY called Ritzy Rollerz™ and it turns out it’s great toy that Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi all love! We were first introduced to Ritzy Rollerz™ at the Let’s Play Spring Showcase, where we got to learn what it’s all about and take a look at all of the fun characters in the line. Emily and the triplets were hooked, so it was only fitting to do a review!

6V0A3628 edit

For our review we opened and played with the Series 1 Ritzy Rollerz™ Besties 2 Pack, Series 1 Ritzy Rollerz™ Sprinklez on Wheelz Donut Shop Playset and the Series 1 Ritzy Rollerz™ Single Pack. 


Ritzy Rollerz™ is a brand new line of collectible characters that you can customize and accessorize with cute, interchangeable ritzy wheel charms. Each character has their own name with their own unique look and a booty trunk with a surprise hidden inside. The surprise is in the booty trunk where you will find hidden charms inside and the booty trunk also acts as a storage to hold all of your ritzy wheel charms.


I really like how each character has their own signature look and I think they are all so cute with their patterns and designs.

One of the highlights of this line that stands out to me is the ability to customize and change the ritzy wheel charms. Not only can you create new styles each time, but I think it would be fun for a group of friends to get together and trade charms amongst themselves.


The Besties set would make for a cute gift between best friends and trading charms could act as a fun activity for them to do together.


There are so many different imagines on the charms, that Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi had fun looking at each one trying to find ones they like and adding their favourites to their Ritzy Roller.

Photo 2019-05-09, 7 05 45 PM

The Ritzy Rollerz™ Sprinklez on Wheelz Donut Shop Playset, is pretty cool because inside there is actually a charm drawer that opens up, as well as a charm display case and a charm display above. It was actually Emily who found the display case and drawer as they were playing.


The charms are fairly small, so I could see them getting lost easily if Emily and the 6V0A3740edittriplets decided to run around with them, but to avoid that I’ve made sure to have them sit at the table and play in one spot. Once they are done, I have them place all the loose charms inside the booty trunk and then I collect all the pieces, that way everything stays together and we don’t have small charms everywhere around the house.

I would also say this toy is not meant for kids younger than four, like the age indicator says on the packaging because of the pieces being very small. I even made sure, before we started playing, to remind Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi, that they do not put the toys in their mouth.


I did catch Emily one time taking the wheel charm off with her teeth and having the charm end up in her mouth, so I reminded her not to do that and to only take the charms off with her nails. I did find it a little difficult for the kids to take the charms off the first few times, but after a few tries and some practice, they were able to change the charms themselves.

After putting on their wheel charms, changing them and then changing them again, everyone was ready to play with their Ritzy Rollerz! 




Overall I think the Ritzy Rollerz is an adorable and exciting new line of toys for kids 4+. Not only are they fun to play with together, but it’s also fun to collect all the different Ritzy Roller characters and ritzy wheel charms on your own! Emily, Jackson, Olivia and Levi were so excited to try them out and it was awesome to see that all four could enjoy them equally.

Ritzy Rollers are now available at Toys R Us stores in Canada!

Thank you to Ritzy Rollerz for providing us with the toys to review!

Photo 2019-05-06, 11 11 25 AM

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